Are You Ready for your First Day of School?

Ready for your first day in school-

Ready for your first day in school-

Months before the academic year officially starts again, most of us are already looking forward to new classmates, new professors, new environment, and the like. Before we know it, school season finally hits us. While we know every student aspires to be on top of everything before rocking the awesome semester ahead, we’ve made a goof-proof checklist you could score even without breaking the bank.

Back to School Checklist from National Book Store


1) Always be ahead of your lectures

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Having surprise exams and recitations are inevitable in a student’s life. And since you are smarter than your lectures, it is always best to study in advance. These Stabilo highlighters are your next all-nighter buddies for highlighting the important points you need to digest. It comes in 6 different colors so you can add a little twist by assigning each color for specific purposes (yellow for dates, pink for names, blue for events, etc)


2) Be mindful of your visual aids

Marker Pilot
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Sometimes, our professors simply want us to go the extra mile for their subjects. Being unprepared and reluctant definitely got no place in college. Aside from time and effort, being ready and organized with your class reports will go a long way in passing every semester. Step up your class presentations by being extra with your reporting materials with these markers from Pilot. Not only do they add color to your presentations, but they also deliver clear and readable information even from the back row of the room.


3) Take charge of unexpected circumstances


Ultra Alkaline AAA 4's
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You might have heard this a million times before, but college is literally a series of unwanted and/or unexpected challenges. But believe it or not, these are what makes your college life incredibly different from any chapter in your life. Spare yourselves from the stress and hassle brought about by avoidable and petty circumstances by being ahead of everything. Make it a habit to keep extra batteries for your important devices (calculator, wall clock, emergency light, portable fans,etc.). After all, nobody could ever tell how much you will need these batteries from the most unexpected times.


4) Be neat even after you mess up

Faber Castell Eraser
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Committing mistakes will always be part of your student life in general. The good thing is that we can learn a lesson from those mistakes and one of these is cleanliness. Be neat with your answer sheets during examinations (no matter how hard it gets) by using the Faber Castell Eraser. It is specially made for examination with its dust-free feature. Now you won’t have to worry about making unnecessary marks that even your professor won’t notice!


5) Put yourself together and get back up

Pen Pots Holder Set
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Almost every college student can relate to this. At the end of a long day, all we have is ourselves. So if there would be one thing that college experience has taught us, it is all about composure amidst our breaking point. Try to inspire yourself even in the simplest ways by using this Pen Pots Holder Set. It is basically a pen organizer with some positive words to cheer you up. What’s cooler than being organized and feeling light at the same time?


Early Back to School Shopping

Studying smart and attentiveness are the keys for a more effective yet enjoyable college experience. For an awesome student like you, you deserve only the best tools that could help you survive this extraordinary phase in your life. For more cool and brilliant finds, shop online hassle-free at National Book Store. We SHIP FREE NATIONWIDE, and we have loads of amazing discounts for you this back-to-school season.

Good luck on your first day of class!

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