Why April is Actually the Best Time to Score Back to School Supplies

Why April is Actually the Best Time to Score Back to School Supplies

Why April is Actually the Best Time to Score Back to School Supplies

As the saying goes, early bird catches the worm. That is why it is always best to score school and office goodies as early as April so you can prepare ahead of time. To start with, we have gathered survey responses from Philippine-based moms with school kids. Check out what they say about the right timing to do back to school shopping:

Back to School Checklist from National Book Store

April. Not yet crowded and can choose from alot more of notebook designs. April around this time should be safe, afternoons usually, weekday April - before the rush of people. As early as April. Morning or late afternoon. Two months before school starts: April. 4th week of April. Weekdays at 10 am or 2 pm. April/4thweek/Wednesday/12-2pm back to school shopping supplies free shipping at national book store

In summary, here are five good reasons why early back to school shopping in April can truly save you from loads of stress and nerve-wrecking chaos.


You spare yourself from the crowd

As we all know, shopping in a crowded place is a big no-no for most of us. Early shopping has a huge advantage because you don’t shrink yourselves into the last minute shoppers. Thus, you get that calm ambiance when you go shopping spree in the non-peak season.


It is definitely hassle-free

We’re sure you’ve already heard this countless times before; but we can never miss out on this one. Buying school and office stuff as early as April saves you from all the possible discomforts- the oh-so-loooooooong line in the cashier, some impatient customers, the cluttered shopping carts and notebooks, you name it. You become less carried away by the pressure and chaos brought about by numerous shoppers buying the same products as yours.


You have more time to choose

Yes, you get to shop at your own pace because you have all the time and space you need when you go early shopping. We always advise our dear shoppers to avoid last minute shopping especially during the peak season as they may lose the privilege of choosing only the best supplies. Plus, there is a smaller chance of forgetting all the things you need to buy.

April. Not yet crowded and can choose from alot more of notebook designs.


You can compare prices

When you shop along in a sea of people, chances are you would rather leave the store soon. This scenario may cause you to forget comparing prices on certain products. You definitely can’t miss out on what’s important; and you would not want to go above and beyond your budget.


You get the best stock

As stated in the first sentence, the early bird always catches the worm. The same works with the early shoppers. You’ve got the advantage of grabbing the best stocks first before the majority could. You also get to buy the new releases and your choice of products without the rivalry from other shoppers. 




Early Back to School Shopping

If you want to get first dibs on notebook designs, budget-friendly items, and hard-to-find school supplies, be sure to pre-order or fill your cart online at the NBS online store. This way, when school is about to start, you can simply review your shopping cart items. Add, change, or remove supplies as you see fit – and then avail of our FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! That is what we call hassle-free-back-to-school-shopping!

Back to School Checklist from National Book Store

Don’t miss out the perks of early shopping while you still can! Visit any of our nearest branches so you can have quality time for it. When all else fails, do it online by visiting https://www.nationalbookstore.com/school-and-office.

How are you planning to do your shopping spree this summer? Tell us in the comments!

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