A Kickstart To An Awesome Summer Vacation

try new books for summer

The moment we’ve been waiting has finally arrived. Summertime is officially here! While it’s so refreshing to be out in schools and textbooks for a while, school breaks can be overwhelming for some. Remember all the things that you’ve been wanting to do but just can’t do because of school work? Now is the perfect time to do all of them!

1st step: DECLUTTER


Now it’s very important to throw away (or better yet, recycle) all the papers and other stuff that you left in your desk and room for many months now. Trust us, it’s a different feeling when you are able to finally throw away the stress of yesterday! (LOL). it gives you peace of mind and a ~sort~ of a sign that it is now time for vacation.

For some fun inspiration, check out The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

The Life-changing Manga Of Tidying Up: A Magical Story



Garage Sale

You may want to sell your preloved items and clothes this summer. Not only will it add to your summer money, but your room and cabinet (and also mom) will thank you for that.



New Hair Style

If you’ve been wanting to try out other new hairstyles, fashion, body piercing or tatts, summer is the perfect time to do ‘em! A good 2 months will allow your creativity and wild side to blossom while you’re out in school from following their regulations. Why not try a new hairstyle or hair color for a fresher look? Just remember to follow school rules and regulations come school time!


4th step: TRY NEW BOOKS

try new books for summer

What’s the best thing about summer? It’s allowing you to binge read on books outside your dull, boring textbooks that you have been dealing with for over 10 months. We can’t deny that your fave novels and series are way exciting than your academic books and that’s totally okay. Go ahead and splurge on books, you deserve it!

National Book Store is on with its SUPER SUMMER SALE from March 29 to April 14! Get up to 80% OFF on selected books you want to binge on this summer!

Super Summer Sale



reconnect with family

There’s just something about school season that makes you disconnected from your loved ones and alienated from family gatherings. It’s okay, they totally get you. Now that school is out, you may want to initiate and organize family outings and short trips to recreational parks where you can bond and reconnect with them. It’s always an incomparable feeling spending time with your loved ones without the worries of undone schoolwork!

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