9 Tips to Get You Ready for College this 2017

9 Tips to Prepare for College this 2017

9 Tips to Prepare for College this 2017

College is right around the corner and senior high school students everywhere are up and about in preparation for another chapter in their lives! Indeed, college is a different challenge altogether – from maintaining grades, to deciding where to eat, to enjoying freedom and eventually, graduate. So let us help you! Here are some tips to help you prepare for college.


Tip #1: Start gathering your “daily survival kit”

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One thing to know about college is that there is no such thing as ‘enough time’ so we recommend that you have a survival kit that fits into your bag! Use a pouch to store everything you may need throughout the day (a true time-saver; no need to go back home or to the dorm!) to keep you looking presentable! Especially for the ladies out there, put in hygiene essentials like tissue, wet wipes, powder, a small comb, some hairpins and hairclips, and other things to keep you fresh!


Tip #2: Get to know the school you’ll be entering

Some wise old folks once said that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. This applies to college preparations too! Talk to people who are studying or who graduated from the same school you’ll be entering and ask them how’s life in the school. Ask them how exams are done, which professors to look forward to, what are the potential organizations you can join, and where are the best places to eat at! This is so you won’t experience too much culture shock as you are already sort-of oriented.


Tip #3: Know as much as you can about the degree you’ll be taking up

One of the best college survival tips we can give is to know all you can about your chosen degree program. Try searching the net for topics in your course and start reading. Look for people taking up or who took up the same field of study and ask what to look forward to. And just like knowing your  school, this is important so you have an idea what you will be studying for the next 4-5 years!


Tip #4: Clean up your study desk

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Clear up your headquarters before preparing for battle! Sort out papers you can still use as scratch paper, working pens and pencils, clutter, and other things you can throw out or use in the future. Use envelopes and fold back clips for papers, pencil cases for writing tools, and a small desk organizer for everything else. This will help you find things easily saving you lots of time!

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Tip #5: Start organizing your files in your computer or laptop

Part of your headquarters is your computer or laptop and it is a must-have tool for college! declutter your computer and save space by deleting files you don’t need anymore. If you have files that you don’t want to delete but do not need immediately or you have important files, upload it to your Google Drive or Dropbox or any other online storage software. Oh, and we also suggest having a separate folder for your school stuff to keep everything in one place!


Tip #6: Invest in long-term items instead of ‘tingi-tingi’

Applicable not only to school supplies but also to dorm essentials, we suggest buying supplies in bulk so you don’t have to buy every now and then! Buy more than one quantity of the consumables (like pens, shampoo, yellow pad paper, etc.) to keep you going throughout the semester. Also, you can save a whole lot of money and time from buying in bulk instead of “tingi”.

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Tip #7: Take all the sleep you can get!

Remember ate or kuya or an alumna of your high school who told you that sleep is a rare piece of gem in college? Well believe us, they weren’t lying! So before the start of classes try to get and all the sleep you can! Bond with your bed before you bond with your books and papers and the endless flow of coffee. Cherish sleep while you can!


Tip #8: Save money

College is a test of money-saving skills as you have the freedom to do whatever you want! And while it is perfectly all right to go out with friends before college, we recommend practicing your money-saving skills! Get a summer job and save whatever you can so when college starts, you won’t get stressed out by money problems. Plus, you can buy what you want without asking mom and dad. Talk about independence!

Take responsibility in preparing for the school year. Shop early for your back to school supplies. Check out our ultimate list for senior high to college students.

Ultimate Back to School Checklist for College Students


Tip #9: Know and understand deep in your heart that the ride to come is not an easy one – but you will get through it!

The constant stress, pressure, and seemingly endless sleepless nights are normal parts of college life. But hey, just like anything else, it will come to pass and you will get through it! So hold on, do your best, and remind yourself of your dreams! Congratulations, in advance!

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