8 Ways to Save Money on School and Office Supplies this 2018

School and Office Supplies Sale National Book Store 2018

Save Money Deals at NBS Online

Looking for ways to save money on school and office supplies? We got you covered! With these #LifeHacks and the much awaited Save Money Deals at NBS where you can get discount on both school and office supplies, we’re sure your wallet will thank us.


#1 Reuse and refill

Instead of buying thick notebooks and fillers, you might want to reuse the blank leaves from last semester or last school year! It would be highly recommended to use spiral notebooks so you could easily tear off used leaves. Also, rather than buying yet another binder with that oh-so-cool design, why not buy fillers that you can use to replace the old ones? We swear, it’s waaaay cheaper!

Oh, and don’t forget the pens. A lot of brands offer ink refills for their ballpoint pens and highlighters so you might wanna grab these refills instead of buying a new pen that costs almost double the price!


#2 Buy in Bulk – and make sure it’ll last!

If it can’t be avoided and purchasing new supplies is needed, we recommend buying in bulk so you won’t have to frequent the stores (and spend on travel money!) to buy every once in a while. Make sure that what you’ll buy is exactly what you need and will need in the future. It’s painful not only for our wallets to see these supplies thrown away but also to Mother Nature just because you bought the wrong product!


#3 Repurpose

Lots of the stuff lying around the house or desks are often more useful than we thought! For instance, instead of buying another fancy pen holder, try using tissue rolls made of carton, glue them in a shoebox, and design them in any way you want. There are a whole bunch of things you could use for another purpose – you just gotta be creative!


#4 Try not to buy everything at once

We’re all guilty of this: waiting until the last minute to buy everything we need and complain about it! Here’s the trick: buy stuff one at a time (but in bulk) or wait until the demand for supplies goes down and most manufacturers go on clearance sale! Often, they also give out discount coupons so their items can be wiped out of the shelves.

Bonus tip: You can also order online to avoid the hassle and NBS offers free shipping nationwide for purchases P1000 (Metro Manila) and P2500 (provincial) above!

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#5 Stick to the plan, set boundaries, save the budget

Opt out of designer brands if the branding is not much of a necessity for your functions. Try local and quality brands that’ll help you save money and boost the country’s own industry! Plan your purchase and strictly stick to it. It’s gonna be hard to resist that cute notebook, but trust us, you’ll need one that’ll go beyond cuteness!

If you’re a parent whose kid is in his/her school age, talk to your little one and set his/her expectations when you drop by the store to buy his/her school supplies. Lay out boundaries for budget, brands, and quantity and explain to him/her why. Parenting done right!

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#6 Ask for sibs’, cousins’, and buds’ old stuff

Specially advised for students and working people who know or have their own siblings, cousins, and friends they know of, try asking them some hand-me-downs that can still work at its optimal level. This will save you a lot of time and money and enriches the bond between you and them through shared memories with that item. Altogether now: awww!


#7 Do your research

With information just a click away, you can get to know a brand and other hacks that will help you in maximizing your savings on school and office supplies! A lot of bloggers, forums, and news websites are available online that offer some sort of review and comparison of products and brands. Take time to read through them and decide based on affordability, availability, and quality.

Hacks are there too to make life so much easier and they’re presented in videos! Utilize Youtube and you can get your hands on these helpful tips.


#8 NBS Save Money Deals!

Save Money Deals School and Office Supplies at NBS Online
Promo runs from January 26 – Feb 18, 2018.

Hurry up and pay a visit to the nearest NBS branch or SHOP ONLINE because from January 26 to February 18 this year, NBS offers up to 30% discount on selected items in all (yes, ALL!) National Bookstore and National Bookstore Express branches nationwide! With over 150 items and brands to choose from, we’re sure you will get your money’s worth. Grab your shopping carts now!

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