8 Signs That Say Christmas is Here in the Philippines!

8 Signs That Say Christmas is Here in the Philippines!

8 Signs That Say Christmas is Here in the Philippines!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and nobody does it better than the Filipino! Since we have the longest Christmas season by far, it’s obvious that the holiday vibes are upon us already.

Here are the 8 signs you can easily spot at almost every corner the happiest season of the year.


1) There are Christmas songs everywhere

christmas songs by Jose Mari Chan
image credit: interaksyon.com

By everywhere, we literally mean every corner in the streets and in the malls. You know very well how Jose Mari Chan rocks the spotlight during Christmas when you’re automatically singing his songs come September 1st.

2) Christmas lanterns on the streets

image credit: unotours.com

Christmas lanterns, or parol, as for how we call it in the Philippines, play a much major role in the Filipino Christmas. An ordinary busy night become a beautiful one when the parols for sale start to light up the street, and it’s vibrancy instantly pumps up the mood of every passenger and passerby.

3) Malls, Christmas bazaars, night markets are always filled with people buying decors and gifts

christmas bazaars philippines
image credit: Good News Philippines

We know it’s shopping season once again. Meaning, we dare you to conquer your shopping spree without losing your sanity over long ques and the sea of people. But kidding aside, now’s the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping given that sales are everywhere. Be sure to keep up with your Christmas list, though.

4) Family reunions and Christmas parties are present

Family reunions are the most awaited part during the Holidays, it’s the only chance to bond with your cousins, titos, and titas. Filipinos are so good with this one. Who wouldn’t forget the ever-present lumpiang shanghai and spaghetti? The videoke? The coins and candies? It’s the little things that make the Filipino Christmas a unique one.

5) Street vendors start to catch your gaze into the most loved puto bumbong and bibingka

Puto Bumbong and Bibingka
image credit: whydyoueatthat.wordpress.com

Simbang Gabi wouldn’t be complete without these two famous Filipino delicacies. It has become our culture and tradition to always attend the Simbang Gabi paired with these two goodies. Now that it’s the season once again, it’s also the time to catch the best street along the church sides.

6) Christmas carolers are at your doorstep

We may laugh at kids whose Christmas carols go on medley and “sounds-like” lyrics, but once they’re gone for a season, we sort of miss them too.

7) The fridge is filled with imported chocolates from your balikbayan aunts and uncles

Now this is also the fun part! Everyone’s excited to meet and catch up with the aunts and uncles who are from abroad. Aside from the fact that we’re excited about their pasalubongs, we also look forward to reuniting with them. Filipinos indeed are known for their strong kinship ties.

8) You get yourself preoccupied by finding which gift wrapper suits your Christmas mood every year

christmas gift wrappers

If you’re the one who was tasked to wrap the gift for the whole fam, then we’re sure you probably know the struggle. It’s a challenge to find the right ribbon, tape, and gift wrappers for someone who is so meticulous in gift wrapping. We want to make sure that every fold is right, and we also try to avoid the shortage of wrappers. The key is to chill out and don’t put too much emphasis on the physical aspect! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

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What are the most lived Christmas traditions in your family? Let us know in the comments!

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