8 Myths About University Life No One Told You About

8 Myths About University Life No One Told You About

8 Myths About University Life No One Told You About

Incoming college freshies, listen up! We understand you’re excited for college life and we bet you’ve been searching the web for university life tips. But have you heard of myths about university life? No one tells you that! So here are 8 myths you need to debunk and know how to be successful in college.


Top Myths About University and College Life You Need to Get Rid of Fast!


#1 “College life is EQUAL to freedom.”

This is a complete myth! While yes, mom &and dad won’t be ~that~ strict anymore, your school works would be your new chains. If you think you can party every night because the dorm or apartment is just nearby, think again. Quizzes, exams, papers, and projects are ALWAYS there!


#2 “Profs are terror!”

Remember when your high school teacher said that college profs won’t be as lenient as they are? Well, to be fair, not all profs are terror! There are professors in college who actually care for their students – some even become their students’ best confidants. They can be strict in their classes but they’re different people outside the classroom!


#3 “You’re not required to write using pen and paper anymore.”

You’re allowed to use your laptops, tablets, and cellphones (unless your prof says otherwise), but you’ll still be required to use your pen and paper to write seatworks, quizzes, and exams. Some lab reports are still in pen-and-paper form so you better still stock up on pen and paper!


#4 “Kanya-kanyang buhay na sa college!

Okay, here’s a harsh truth: There are still chikadoras in college! People still know people; they know who’s dating who, who are roommates and all. Your decisions are of course yours but that doesn’t mean others won’t take notice. They will, but they won’t intrude that much.


#5 “Group work isn’t a thing here.”

Nope. Not true. Group projects and group works are still there – intensified even. Oh, and often, you won’t be in the same group as your friends who’ll make things a bit bearable. Everybody now: HUHUHUHU!


#6 “You will always have cooperative and responsible group mates.”

And because group works are still a thing and you won’t be group mates with your buds, that means you’ll have to deal with uncooperative peers! There’ll be excuses like “Hindi ako pwede sa ganitong time kasi…” and you gotta deal with it!


#7 “You survived the 3-4 exams in one day in high school. You can do it in college too!”

Some can do it, but most can’t! Take it from us: college exams are waaaaay different from high school ones. For one, college exams’ coverage are like 250+ PowerPoint slides and not less than 5 chapters of a book. Imagine studying that much thrice or 4 times!


#8 “You’re approaching adulthood; it’s time for you to be treated like one.”

Let’s face it: You won’t be treated like an adult at all times. Sometimes you’ll feel as if you’re 7 years old instead of 18 and that will piss you off. Don’t worry though, soon enough you’ll be a legit adult and you’ll wish you’re a kid forever!

Aaaaand there you have it! Be sure to keep these myths busted so you’ll graduate alive. Kidding! Seriously, you can do it. We believe in you! Congratulations in advance!

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