8 Hilarious Ways of Coping When Your Heart Is Broken

8 Hilarious Ways of Coping When Your Heart Is Broken

8 Hilarious Ways of Coping When Your Heart Is Broken

When you’ve passed through a heartbreak, sometimes you just laugh it off thinking about how you were such a crybaby back then. With all the life and love lessons we got from Marcelo Santos III, known for his best-selling book Para sa Broken Hearted, we realize that we can actually move on from a heartbreak by taking things lightly. C’mon, it’s not the end of the world after all!

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Tip #1 – Hit the gym

Okay, the first thing that came into your mind when you read this is the manner that it delivers. No, you’re not hitting the gym for some sort of revenge on your ex. You’re now into the gym thing because you realize that you’ve gained a lot of carbs and sugar only to get over your past lover! It’s time to go on a diet and cut yourself from an unhealthy lifestyle, and that means cutting toxic people in your life.

Tip #2 – Make a doodle

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It may sound petty and all that, but one thing to turn a painful break up into a lighter one is by doodling your ex-partner’s picture. Just the thought of doing so makes you laugh, eh? Go on, splurge into that cat ears and dog filters if it means moving on for you.

Tip #3 – Search for his/her stolen photos

Now, this is similar to one above. Only that, stolen pictures are more realistic. By looking at those, you will come to look at yourself too and ask what in the world made you love him/her despite these epic photos?

Tip #4 – Use a voice changer

This method brings about 2 probable outcomes, 1) to make you laugh in an instant and 2) to make you cry in an instant. Try inputting your last few conversations to a funny voice changer. By listening to it, it implies that not all heavy words stay on their negative notions, they are funnier when being heard.

Tip #5 – Make a meme

If this method won’t make you crack up even just a little, we don’t know what else will. Bring back those epic stolen pictures of him/her and make a hilarious meme out of it. You may also opt for the pictures of the both of you.

Tip #6 – Condition your mind

This should be the first and foremost thing to do after calling it quits. Conditioning your mind greatly affects and influence your behavior or thinking patterns towards a breakup. You start with feeding yourself of the context that your ex is the “ay” in “okay”, which is obviously not necessary. But that’s the key point here. Even without him/her, you could still function as a whole and you are still “ok”.

Tip #7 – Knock at his/her door for a Trick or Treat

But most probably, you will be asking for a trick. As if the tricks that he/she may have used during the duration of your relationship isn’t enough to make you Halloween ridiculously spooky. Oopsie!

Tip #8 – Attend a laughter yoga

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Because it is really, really beneficial. Laughter yoga isn’t only for the broken-hearted, it’s also for stressed, anxious, or depressed people. It increases your levels of serotonin or what we call as happy hormones. The best thing about yoga is how it works as the best of both worlds. It is therapeutic yet it is a recreational activity.

One thing we must promise to ourselves is that from now on, we will spare ourselves from unnecessary hurt and move nowhere but forward even without the presence of others. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Marcelo Santos III’s Para sa Broken Hearted.

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