8 Heartwarming Gifts For Grandparents’ Day

8 Heartwarming Gifts For Grandparents' Day

8 Heartwarming Gifts For Grandparents' Day

Grandparents are our second parents. They’re the ones who have watched us grow to the person that we are today. And because it’s grandparents’ day, the best present that you could give is your presence-plus a little token of love!

8 Gifts for Grandparents’ Day that Will Surely Melt their Hearts!

1. Greeting card

Greeting Card

What’s one thing your lolo and lola would like to receive every occasion? No other than a heartwarming greeting card! There are so many printable designs that you could get from Pinterest. Or if you’ve been granted the luxury of time, you could even make a card from scratch following your pegs from the net.

2. DIY photo ornaments

DIY photo ornament

Since the ‘ber’ months have started, why don’t you give your grandparents something that they will always remember of you? Our lolos and lolas have one thing in common- they are all memory hoarders. And by hoarders we mean lots and lots of pictures! Try to collect your family pictures back from the days up to the present and turn it into Christmas ornaments that your grannies will surely appreciate.

3. Arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

Here’s a cute gift idea that is super easy to make by your tots. Your younger siblings are your grandparents’ bundle of joy, and everything they do makes your grannies smile. Be sure to keep an eye on them during the hand painting activity!

4. DIY magnet

DIY Magnet
How many times have you lost your grandma’s magnets in her fridge when you were younger? Now that you’re a grown up, it’s time to give back all the magnets that’s been lost! (lol). This easy-peasy clothespin magnet need not to hurt your wallet. All you have to do is find some old cloth and recycled googly eyes.

5. Indoor plants

Indoor Plant
Succulent plants are for everybody. Our grandparents’ surely love greens, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. You could see lots of indoor and succulent plants in the malls. For a cute twist, just add a sweet little note and you’re good to go.

6. Picture frame

Picture FrameWe’ve mentioned that our grandparents are memory hoarders. And with this, it won’t hurt if you make a DIY signature frame for them. It’s very easy to make and the materials needed are just in your home.

7. Apron

Our grandparents’ cooking makes us want to come home to them every weekend. After all, everybody looks forward to sunday lunch, right? And because our grannies are the best cooks ever, they deserve a personalized apron. The internet is your friend thus it will lead you to several tutorial videos.

8. Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs
Grandparents are the most coffee lovers. They wouldn’t let a day pass by without having a sip of their freshly brewed coffee. Now if you’re thinking of a staple gift you could give them, it’s no other than a coffee mug. There are many shops that offer mug printing for a low cost only.

How would you like to spend Grandparents’ Day with your grannies? Tell us in the comments!

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