8 Gifts Your Sister Will Truly Love!

8 Gifts Your Sister Will Truly Love National Book Store Online

8 Gifts Your Sister Will Truly Love National Book Store Online

National Sisters’ Month need not to hurt your wallet. Whether it is for your sisters by blood or sisters from another mother, we got a bunch of wallet-friendly presents you could easily make!

Here are 8 Gift Ideas Your Sister Will Truly Love!


1. Ice Cream Sundae in a Box

ice cream sundae box

image credit: smashedpeasandcarrots.com

This is the sweetest treat you could ever give to your sissums. All you have to do is to pack a jar of caramel syrup, sprinkles, gummy bears, mallows, or choco chips. And of course, don’t forget the ice cream cones most importantly!

2. Spa Gift Basket

spa gift basket

image credit: hartnana.com

Girls’ night isn’t girls’ night without beauty rest and pampering. This spa gift basket is perfect for your sis who needs some ~chill~. It includes scented candle, essential oil, hand and foot cream, and body sponge. Now who’s in for a spa night?

3. Chill Pills

chill gifts

image credit: hercampus.com

Of course we don’t want our sissies to look all stressed out and exhausted. These chill pills must be ‘prescribed’ to cure anxiety, frustration, and stress. Extra points if she has a sweet tooth!

4. DIY painted mugs

painted mugs

image credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Because why not?! These mugs won’t ever wash away just like your sisterhood. All you have to do is to find an old plain mug in your house, fancy markers, an oven, and you’re good to go!

5. DIY Eucalyptus Shower Steamer Melts


DIY Eucalyptus Shower

image credit: momendeavors.com

And because it’s flu season once again ~sniff~, stuffy or congested nose can happen to anyone. These easy to make eucalyptus shower bombs can save the dilemma and provide relief for your colds all while taking your sweet shower time!

6. #ThrowbackThursday

bracelet charm

image credit: pinterest.ph

Your sister will probably feel nostalgic (and tearful) when you give her this heartwarming present. Just find any of your childhood pictures together and make it like a pendant. Follow the detailed illustration in the given link.

7. Jewelry Dish

jewelry dish

image credit: pinterest.ph

For the sassy sister of course! You don’t need to spend too much for a glamorous and fancy-looking jewelry holder when you can just do a rehash of your old one. For a twist, use watercolor palettes instead!

8. Sissums

Sissums NBS Online
Order for only ₱202! *FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE!

Every sisterhood has its own do’s and don’ts. Whatever these rules are, we bet we’ll know more from these two adorable and witty celebrity sisters, Toni and Alex Gonzaga.

Sissums, a book written by the Gonzaga sisters themselves, features the 18 basic rules of sisterhood from our growing years to the time we find ourselves in the workplace. This book never fails to hit the shelves of National Bookstore branches nationwide.

Check the link for your pre-online order: https://www.nationalbookstore.com/sissums


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