8 Cheap and Pinterest-y Ideas to Revamp your Study Corner

8 Cheap and Pinterest-y Ideas to Revamp your Study Corner

8 Cheap and Pinterest-y Ideas to Revamp your Study Corner

Now that the holiday season is over, there’s no way we could ever escape from our daily chores and tasks. But, we can always change the way we see them and now is the time for that. This year, we’d love to try the “clear your desk, clear your mind” mantra by doing a total makeover for our study corner using some of the best school and office, and art and crafts supplies from National Bookstore. The best part is, they are so cute and adorable not to be Pinterest-y!


#1 Be a fan of DIYs  

Melissa & Doug Diy Kit Scratch Art Doodle Pad Book
Shop online for only ₱499. *Free shipping nationwide.

DIY doodles will always have a special room for study corners. Seriously, who’s too old for that? This 16-page Doodle Pad consists of 8 holographic themed and 8 rainbow themed doodles for you to try. This is one of the best starters when you want to extract your creative juices.


#2 Come for the stickers

Meri Tattoo Sticker Multi Feather
Shop online for only ₱149. *Free shipping nationwide.

Stickers are a great way to fill in the gaps of the spaces in your study table. These multi-colored feather stickers can prove to that. Plus, feathers always bring a taste of boho, chic style especially when you’re that type of student who loves minimal and chill styles.


#3 Do not put a stop into stamps

Heidi Swapp Craft Stamp Roller Word
Shop online for ₱649. *Free shipping nationwide.

We know stamps are common stationary supplies and art materials. But, that’s not enough reason to take away stamps from being our go-to decor material. For the record, Heidi Swapp Craft Stamps never fail to pull off a one-of-a-kind design that’s just so natural and promising. Plus, it’s not only for your table, it also works on your memos, journals, or planner!


#4 Work with your washi tapes

King Jim Tape Cartridge
Shop online for only ₱198. *Free shipping nationwide.

Washi tapes have been hitting the market since the beginning of time. But, there is a lesser known fact that the simpler the washi tape, the better. Although printed and fancy washi tapes do the job, the plain ones do extra. It is very flexible as it works with any style and color. So the next time you stop by any National Bookstore branch, make sure to take a look at King Jim Tape Cartridges because it has several varieties of washi tapes to choose from.


#5 Make it personal

Best Buy Sticker Paper Satin
Shop online for only ₱33.50.

Your desk is made to serve as your personal space so make it a good one. No need to feel pressure or intimidation towards other people’s desk. But instead, make your desk so personal and handcrafted by decorating things that are close to your heart. One perfect example is hanging pictures of your friends, family, your recent travel, your favorite food, or the things that simply make you happy. Print them using good quality sticker papers from Best Buy and hang them on your wall or clip them on a string. It will remind you of your good moments with your loved one’s even during your not-so-good days.


#6 Go for the underrated

Cavallini Sticky Note Smvintrv Vintage Travel
Shop online for only ₱885. *Free shipping nationwide.

Sticky notes do not usually get much attention, but these underrated goodies could actually become the game changer in your study corner makeover! Sticky notes are not just for reminding you of your tasks, but it can also be used to write down each of your blessings and/or unforgettable moments for 2018. Allot a corner in your room where you can post them and by the end of the year, you will be surprised how much you have been blessed in 2018.


#7 Maximize your space

My Life My Style Picture Frame
Shop online for only ₱219.75. *Free shipping nationwide.

A blank wall is never just a blank wall. Make use of your space to showcase your creativity and ignite the inner “artsy” in you by putting a frame in it. Now is the time to give justice for all the ‘unsolicited’ picture frames your friends and/or family gave you during the holidays! For a little twist, you may search and print free printable inspiring quotes from Pinterest and make sure they fit on your picture frame. Perfect for your Instagram feed aesthetic!


#8 Try new cute little accents

Scotch Tape Dispenser Cosmo With Magic Tape
Shop online for ₱309.75. *Free shipping nationwide.

Who says revamping your study corner requires a pain in your wallet? Sometimes, trying out few cutie-patootie accents will do the job alone. This mini tape dispenser (that definitely gives us early summer vibes) is a proof that you won’t have to spend so much on decorating your desks. Little accents make a statement!

We always believe that every new year is a fresh start. Start your 2018 with a clear mind and a clear desk (of course!) that’ll help you refresh all your tasks each day and goals for the whole year. And remember, you don’t need to spend much when revamping your study corner as long at it gives you space for self- expression and functionality.

We hope we have helped you achieve your Pinterest-y inspired desks and we would like to hear your craft ideas too! The best part is, National Bookstore is up for the end-of-season sale until January 10, 2018! Customers can get up to 30% discount on participating items in all NBS branches. Major categories include school and office supplies, toys and games and imported books.

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