7 Things to do When you Can’t Watch the Coldplay Concert in Manila

7 Things to do When you Can't Watch the Coldplay Concert in Manila
7 Things to do When you Can't Watch the Coldplay Concert in Manila

7 Things to do When you Can't Watch the Coldplay Concert in Manila
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We get it, what could be more frustrating than not being able to watch the Coldplay concert in Manila? And while we simply accept the fact that concert tickets just isn’t for everyone (sobs) it’s not the end of everything! You could still have a good time even without those flashy concert lights and festivities. We have listed fun-filled activities below to help you turn your Coldplay frustrations to merriments in no time.  


Read a really good book

Now is the perfect time to go back to your first love – reading. While some of us are still having a hard time choosing what books to read, National Bookstore features the top bestseller books and hot new releases every month ranging from young adult, sci-fi, fiction, romance, inspirational, and many more. Worry no more because our best finds are guaranteed to make your reading time worthwhile for bookworms like you.


Unleash the Potterhead in you

Almost everyone agrees that Harry Potter series never go out of style. And so are you, Potterheads! Harry Potter lovers do have a special haven in National Bookstore. Feel free to visit any of our branches as we bring you the complete set of Harry Potter series both in paperback and hard bound copies.


Satisfy your artistic side

Have you always wanted to finish that artwork you just made few months ago but still got no time? Then summer is definitely for you. This break, waste no time by taking summer art classes you’ve always looked forward to. And of course, your quality artworks deserve quality materials too. National Bookstore is a total go-to for your next artsy shopping spree. We feature the best and original materials to help you nourish your aesthetic side. Hurry while supplies last!


Break out from an old routine

The best thing about school break is that you are able to go out of your everyday routine. Aside from ditching the most dreaded 6 am alarms, you get to do things at your most convenient time and pacing. Now this calls for starting a new hobby! It is never too late to be a hobbyist because National Bookstore will lead you to the wide variety of tools for craftsmanship and artistry. Who knows, a new hobby also means new opportunities.

Try the Ultimate Calligraphy Guide for Beginners



Be a helping hand

Nowadays, generosity is something that needs to be valued the most. Make your summer break worthwhile by volunteering at an orphanage or your own community. You may want to do a little storytelling to the kids and donating any of our Children’s books. Or better yet, try to teach them how to read so that one day, they will become a reading enthusiast just like you.


Become a reading ambassador

What is a hobby for if it’s not meant for sharing? This year, share your passion for reading by participating in the National Bookstore’s newest craze, the Read Out Loud Challenge. Not only does it promote the importance of reading, but it also helps set up libraries across the country.All you have to do is post a video of yourself reading your favorite excerpt from one of our books on Facebook or Instagram. Do it better by adding props and animations or whatever helps to deliver the lines with life. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ReadOutLoudChallenge at the end of your video post.


Share your advocacy with your friends

Collective efforts bring massive results. Tag your friends to do the Read Out Loud Challenge as you go hand in hand to raise awareness of literacy for the less fortunate. National Bookstore lives by the belief that the world could be a much better place if we learn to appreciate the power of reading by creating more libraries. Plus, doesn’t it call for the #SquadGoals of your barkada too?


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