7 Things Art Taught Us Not to Take for Granted

7 Things Art Taught Us Not to Take for Granted

7 Things Art Taught Us Not to Take for Granted

Art has become our outlet from this chaotic and fast-paced world. And while we inevitably become preoccupied by tons of stressful school work, summer is just the perfect time to unleash the artist within us as we indulge into art therapy. Below, we have gathered 7 things art has taught us not to take for granted. Go spend your vacation taking your much awaited summer art classes.

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#1: Get real with our emotions

If there is one thing art has taught us, it is to be expressive of our own feelings. It has been perceived by many as a reflection of one’s genuine emotions by significant life experiences. Thus, art has its own way of helping us blend our sentiments altogether just as much as this Faber Castell Colored Pencils. These colored pencils contain a unique blending quality perfect for mixing in shades of light, medium, and dark colors. It also comes with distinctive shades of gold and silver to give an artistic finish to your coloring books.

Faber Castell Colored Pencils 48 Colors

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#2: Never be afraid to try something new

Many of us can be a great artist, but only few can be a fearless one. Art was meant to teach us not to be afraid of the unfamiliar and welcome new trends. While everybody is getting head over heels about the latest calligraphy craze, one ‘fearless’ artist might want to try a different medium instead. The Zig watercolor brush is a good alternative for the traditional calligraphy brush pens. It is very versatile as it may be used either  for calligraphy or watercolor painting. The ZIG Water Colour System BrusH20 range is perfect for any artist who wishes to paint anywhere at any time. All you need to do is fill the barrel with water and away you go!


Zig Watercolor System H2O Large Tip

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#3: Appreciate life’s simple gifts

Cliche as it may sound, but it is always the simple things that matter in life. That said, art never fails to bring life into our dull and ordinary surroundings. It can simply brighten up one’s day like how these Pentel Oil Pastels can bring vibrance to your artwork. Every color holds a very impressive pigmentation and consistency whether you are working with a paper, sketch pad, or even watercolor pad. These oil pastels can turn your simple artwork into a masterpiece in no time!

Pentel Oil PastelGet it for only ₱209.75!

#4: Keep your sanity and everything in place

Amidst a busy and stressful routine, keeping one’s sanity really acquires talent and ample time. During art sesh, it also counts the same as keeping your workplace neat and mess-free. Therefore, art also has a special way in teaching us to organize our thoughts and even our art tools in the working table. Pebeo Studio Aquarelle Watercolor Tube is a total time saver to keep our paintings and workplace mess proof and free from unwanted drops of water. Its tubes keep the watercolors steady and free from spilling in giving the artist an accurate amount of color needed.

Pebeo Studio Aquarelle Watercolor Tube

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#5: Always strive to be different

Conformity with the mainstream definitely got no place in art. Since almost everyone is now familiar with the usual mix and match of colors,why not try something different and use metallics instead? Now is the perfect time to experiment with these Dong-A My Metal Set as it brings your artworks in a whole new dimension. It is not that difficult to practice because it’s just as simple as dealing with the ordinary color pencils, but the difference is you are using a black paper to give highlight to the metal colors. Using these metallic pens give you a feel of what it is like to be a pro and will make you want to  leave your usual art routine at bay.


Ballpen Dong-a My Metal Set

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#6: Establish your confidence

Have you always wanted to build your confidence in art but are afraid to commit mistakes? Establishing your self-esteem as an artist means going through a series of trial and errors. Say no more! The new Palomino Blackwing Wooden Pencil is the most beginner-friendly pencil with its “easy-to-erase” quality. It allows you to experiment with your sketches without having to worry about making minimal errors. This is definitely ideal for the newbie artists who are still practicing the mastery of sketching.

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#7: Go the extra mile

Comfort zones do not usually thrive in art, you become an artist once you learn to go out from your shell. Art happens when we learn to exert more time and effort at times we are not expected to do so. This summer, go the extra mile by combining the purpose of color pencils and watercolors into one by the original Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils. It is especially made to put watercolor in the convenience of using a pencil. So if you are an artist with the best of both worlds, this is a total must have!

Faber Castell Watercolor Colored Pencils 24 Colors

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So to all art lovers, hobbyists, or even those who just want to give art a try – avail of our Summer Art Activities Must-Haves. We’re selling several up to 70% OFF! Shop online and relax this summer – we SHIP FREE NATIONWIDE!

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