7 Rules Sisters Make For One Another

7 Rules Sisters Make For One Another

7 Rules Sisters Make For One Another

It doesn’t have to be National Sister’s Day every day to make good times with your sissies. Whether they’re our sisters by blood or sisters by heart, we always have the so-called ‘girl code’ we always live by!

1. Thou shall not be ~jelly~ of each other’s success

C’mon sis! This is the most obvious rule in our girl code. Our sister’s victory is also ours. Never EVER feel like you are in a competition. But instead, make it a collaboration. Whether they get into their dream job, chosen course, or aced their board exams, then, by all means, we should always celebrate with them!

2. Thou shall keep each other’s secrets- for a lifetime

Now, this is where the ‘girl code’ originally came from. Having a fight with your sisters does not equate to you spilling their secrets- even the darkest ones. It takes years of friendships before gaining each other’s trust but only a few moments to lose it.

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3. “What’s mine is yours”

This rule is the most common among others. The ‘what’s mine is yours’ concept usually takes place in the sharing of clothes, shoes, accessories, and even beauty tips. You’ll know how much you guys have been very close to one other when you can easily recognize which stuff is hers and yours- and it won’t matter at all! But be careful though, as the next rule will tell you to…

4. Respect each other’s space

Thus, privacy is a must. The strong bond between you and your sissums does not give you the card to intrude into their personal space. There are sisters who do not feel comfortable with sharing each other’s passwords or scrolling through their messages, and there is (there should be!) nothing wrong with that.

5. Thou shall accept each other’s differences

Your different preferences, strengths, and weaknesses are what makes your bond incredibly unique. And of course, no matter how long you’ve been sisters, there would always be inevitable differences along the way. But these things should not stop you from understanding each other. More often than not, diverse friendships are more thrilling and promising.

6. Thou shall be each other’s confidantes

And this shall last for eternity! Our sisters are gifts to us for a lifetime, and there’s no way we should waste it. As the years go by, you learn to grow together, share each other’s silly secrets, and embrace each other’s flaws. Simply put, you are made to be each other’s constants – unconditionally.

7. Read, read, and read together.

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