7 Kinds of Notebooks You Can Get From Veco


Notebooks might be something you wouldn’t consider giving someone as a gift, but for students or stationery lovers, it could be exactly what they’re looking for!

Here are 10 kinds of notebooks you can get from Veco:

1. Dynamic Notes

Featuring modern and hip designs, these are great for younger kids.

2. Classic Notes

With colorful plastic covers, double-loop wire, and gold stamping, this is one simple yet stylish choice.

3. Composition Notebook

Bring these fun characters with you everyday. They even come with a handy margin and good quality bond paper.

4. Hardbound Notebook

With attractive designs and hot covers, these are made for extra durability – but still with style.

5. Math Notebook

Solving equations gets easier when you have the right notebook. The high quality book paper and clear grid lines are great to have, and they’re available in different sizes to suit your preference.

6. Special Notebook

These super cute notebooks come in a variety of designs. Find the one that tickles your fancy!

7. Steno Notebook

Whether you’re a reporter, journalist, or student, this is your ideal companion for taking down notes.

Which of these notebooks from Veco is the one for you? Find them all in NBS today!


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