7 Interesting Facts About Maine Mendoza and Her New Book: Yup, I am That Girl

7 Interesting Facts About Maine Mendoza and Her New Book_ Yup, I am That Girl

7 Interesting Facts About Maine Mendoza and Her New Book_ Yup, I am That Girl

With her wide smile, charming exterior, and her kengkoy personality, she captured and is still capturing the hearts of Filipinos since 2015! No wonder she’s the current sweetheart of the country! And now, Maine Mendoza released her life story in her book Yup, I am That Girl to reveal who she is behind the cameras!

Here are 7 glimpses and facts about Maine Mendoza which are included in her book!


#1 She’s actually a shy girl

We see her in the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga as a kalog and fun girl who’s unashamed to make wacky faces on screen, but outside the blinding lights of a studio, Maine is a really shy girl who sits quietly in the background. In fact, she wrote in her blog post that she’s an introvert! In real life, she avoids being the center of attention and remains unfazed by fame! Talk about humility!


#2 She plays the drums

Beside being a comic icon of Philippine television and film, Maine also plays the drums during her free time and she does it quite well! Check out this video of her playing drums of the song Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding during an offcam of Bulaga! What else can she not do, right?


#3 Maine isn’t crushing on Channing Tatum nor Taylor Lautner!

Maine Mendoza Crush Alden Richards
Image credit: cebudailynews.inquirer.net

Yep, she’s that girl who belongs to 1% of the world’s population who doesn’t find Tatum and Lautner attractive! Indeed, Maine isn’t your typical girl! (Good for her on-screen partner, Alden Richards – he doesn’t have to compete! Tee hee!)


#4 She reads romantic novels – especially Nicholas Sparks!

Maine Mendoza reads romantic novels
Image credit: rappler.com

Bookworms, you’re gonna love Maine so much! Why? Meng (her nickname; short for Menggay) adooooores romance novels and she just discovered that she does only recently! Now, she can’t stop reading!


#5 She has a collection of Barbie dolls

Maine Mendoza Loves Barbie Dolls
Image credit: www.startattle.com

When she was still a little girl, Maine used to play with her Barbie dolls all the time! Sometimes it’s the source of argument between her and her 2 other sisters (Bonus fact: She has 2 more brothers and all 5 of them have names starting with “Nico”; Maine’s real name is Nicomaine!). But now that she’s all grown up, she just collects them and already has 20 dolls – some of which are limited edition dolls!


#6 She has a bachelor’s degree in Culinary and a real foodie!

Maine Mendoza graduated with a degree in culinary

A certified foodie, Maine took up a degree in hotel, restaurant, and institution management major in Culinary Arts in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and went on for an internship in New York! It’s ironic though: Maine admitted that although she loves cooking and preparing food, she’s a picky eater!


#7 Her book Yup, I am That Girl is now available nationwide!

Maine released her first book – an unfiltered version of her blog for everyone to read! Published by Summit Media, it’s already available all over the country! Get a hold of this book and learn who the Dubsmash Queen really without the glitz and glamour and when the cameras aren’t rolling!

Paperback available online at ₱295! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Add this to your reading list for the holidays and prepare yourself to be amazed by this awesome girl of Philippine show business today!

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