7 Honest Reviews About the 20th Harry Potter Anniversary Edition Series

7 Honest Reviews About the 20th Harry Potter Anniversary Edition Series

7 Honest Reviews About the 20th Harry Potter Anniversary Edition Series

We know that Potterheads are one of the biggest and best fandom across the globe. And of course, no true blooded Potterhead can ever miss out on the 20th Harry Potter Anniversary Edition Series. To mark the 20th anniversary of first publication, Bloomsbury is publishing four House Editions of J.K. Rowling’s modern classic. These stunning editions will each feature the individual house crest on the jacket and line illustrations exclusive to that house, by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold.

Exciting new extra content will include fact files and profiles of favorite characters, and each book will have sprayed edges in the house colors.

Below are 7 honest reviews from the most certified and credible Potterheads!

1) Meticulous

“When I said that meticulous care has been taken to make these editions special, I really did mean it. There are so many minute details, down to the dust cover, that it’s almost impossible to take them all in on your first glance through.

This may be the same story we all know and love, in just another package, but it is one that really does celebrate every inch of your chosen house. As a Hufflepuff, especially, for whom merchandise can often be few and far between, this edition of the Philosopher’s Stone brought a genuine smile to my face — and a deep swell of pride for my house.”

Donya Abramo (hypable.com)

Now that’s another proof that this edition has been thoroughly made with details that every curious Potterhead will eye out for. And yes, it’s so good that it could make anyone (of all ages) love the Harry Potter series.

2) Magical

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition Series
*For every purchase of three (3) Harry Potter 20th Anniversary edition titles, customer gets one (1) Harry Potter 20th Anniversary pin. *For every purchase of one (1) Harry Potter 20th Anniversary edition titles, customer gets one (1) Harry Potter 20th Anniversary sticker

“Because I’m a bit older than their original target demographic, I didn’t jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon until the release of book 4. But then I was instantly hooked. When each new book came out, I would carry the new volume around the house with me, reading at every spare moment, whenever I could. Even if it had to be one paragraph at a time. I’m sure I’m not alone in this experience.

Having the world of Harry Potter opens up for me at the same time it was opening up for my kids was pretty magical. And, now, we are enjoying taking down the Death Eaters, et al., in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and going through Hogwarts ourselves as students in the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery app; it has added fuel to our inner Harry Potter fire. These newly released paperback editions only add to that ongoing interest, and have me looking furtively at our bookshelves, hoping to spot some spare linear inches.”

– Jenny Bristol (geekdad.com)

3) Engaging

The Glasgow Herald was just as praiseworthy, saying they had “yet to find a child who can put it down.”

4) Richly Textured and Inventive

In A Guide to the Harry Potter Novels, by Julia Eccleshare, it points out that after the Scottish coverage of Philosopher’s Stone, national newspapers were quick to follow suit.

“A richly textured first novel given lift-off by an inventive wit,” The Guardian said, with others writing about Rowling’s similarities to Roald Dahl.

5) Full of surprises

The Sunday Times wrote, “this is a story full of surprises and jokes; comparisons with Dahl are, this time, justified,” while the Mail on Sunday suggested the book was “the most imaginative since Roald Dahl.”

However, despite being the talk of the town and everybody’s rave, not all critics are convinced by the hype and the initial affirmations this series had received. One example is the review from The Observers written by Anthony Holden, who stated that reading the series…

6) One-dimensional

“…is an activity marginally less testing than watching Neighbours. These are one-dimensional children’s books, Disney cartoons written in words, no more.”

On the other hand, Catholic Education Research Center said that:

7) Shallow lessons

“Her books are entertaining but the lessons are shallow… besides, the chief motivation for most characters in the books, including Harry, appears to be revenge, whether it’s getting back at Lord Voldemort or the school bully.”

Nevertheless, the Harry Potter series is one of the hall famers when it comes to undying popularity and audiences’ demand. No wonder how it managed to remain the spotlight to reach its 20th anniversary!

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