6 Educational Toys and Games for the Rainy Days


All parents want their children to grow happy and smart. The good news is, school isn’t the only source of education. The home is the biggest source of our children’s learning. Related: The Philippine Homeschooling Convention this 2019. Our choice in educational books, toys, and games can aid us in enhancing our child’s brain power. 

This rainy season, when most kids remain indoors (and classes get suspended due to the strong monsoon rains), having a stash of the right educational tools and activities for your kids is a lifesaver from boredom!


Play & Colour Action Words 2-in-1-Activity-Puzzle

Play & Colour Action Words 2n1 Activity Puzzle

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Familiarize your children with the everyday action or movements they make. This Play and Colour 2-in-1 activity puzzle is sure to up their energy with fun, while they learn these action words. This educational toy has 40 pieces of a self-correcting puzzle, colouring activities, and free crayons! Perfect for kids aged 4 and above.


Building Blocks Let’s Count Numbers Floor Puzzle

Building Blocks Lets Couny Numbers Floor PuzzlesOrder online for ₱199.50 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Learning to count is fun with Building Blocks: Floor Puzzles. This 28-piece jigsaw makes a large 34 x 52 cm (13 x 20 in) puzzle featuring numerals, number words and bright, engaging images for counting. Use the handy poster inside to practice the counting and as a reference to complete the puzzle. Enjoy even more learning fun with the bonus 16-page Numbers book!


My Giant Doll House

My Giant Dolls House

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Letting our little girls play with dolls sparks their imagination and creativity. Have your daughter discover this giant paper doll’s house, and let her decorate it with stylish furniture! Each room features easy-to-fold furniture with simple instructions. There’s no need for glue or scissors: just pop out a piece of paper furniture, fold it and it’s ready to go! As she builds the doll’s house and decides what goes where, you can read about Chloe’s adventure of moving into her very own home!


Learn to Make Words Puzzle

Learn To Make Words Puzzle
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As your little reader begins her reading journey, here’s a fun way to introduce 3 to 4-letter words. Your child simply needs to join the puzzle pieces correctly to build his vocabulary and familiarity with three to four-letter words. This educational game is suited for kids aged 3 and above.


100-piece Puzzle of the Solar System

Solar System 100 Pc Puzzle

Order online for ₱199.50 | *FREE Shipping & COD Option

Kids will love playing with this educational jigsaw puzzle presenting the planets of our solar system! Strong high-quality puzzle pieces made from recycled board and printed with vegetable-based ink. How eco-friendly! This superior quality puzzle will delight and educate kids and adults alike.


Glow in the Dark Lab

Glow In The Dark Lab

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Pique your child’s curiosity with some suspense with the Glow in the Dark Lab. Spend countless hours making alien blood, lava from volcanoes, slime, and snow! Perfect for your young scientists to play on a dark, gloomy day!


When it’s raining outside and there’s no school, children can still continue learning while at home! Just pick any of the above educational toys and games to entertain kids while sharpening their brain! Head over the nearest National Book Store branch or shop conveniently online.

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