5 Ways to Personalize Your Notebook or Journal with National Book Store

5 Ways to Personalize Your Notebook or Journal

5 Ways to Personalize Your Notebook or Journal

Hey there, artsy people! We know how journals can really be a thing for us. And, crazy as it may seem, no journal can ever be the same with another. The way we write our memories and daily thoughts greatly reflect how we decorate our journals. Below are some of the things you could put to make your personalized journal or notebook more ‘you’.

How to Personalize Your Own Notebook or Journal


#1: Start with general contents

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If you’re new to journaling and feeling a little bit too overwhelmed, you could start off first with general contents. Your first few pages may include calendar, monthly spread, daily/weekly class goals, or a simple daily journal entry page.


#2: Make it your personal space

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If a you are not into a ‘1 page, 1 content’ type of journaling, nothing to worry! There is really no specific rules when it comes to bullet journals. After all, your journal is your personal space, and you can do whatever you want to do it as long as it provides you relief and satisfaction. You can make a quote wall, stress-relief doodling, typography practice, sticker collection, or a test page for pen swatches.


#3: On some days when you feel ‘uncreative’….

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There are days when you badly want to put something in your journal, but your creative juices are at par. On some days we feel unmotivated, and it is okay. The best way to bring back the thrill in journalling is to just write random things that pop in your mind. It can be a word of the day, things you overheard, bucket list, plot ideas, vent page, or mood tracker. These head starters will surely keep you back on track.


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Follow the step-by-step on how to personalize your own notebook or journal here.

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#4: Make it as your lifestyle

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Bullet journaling is one way of taking control of your lifestyle. This goes especially with the food that you eat or prepare for school. You may include a healthy food list, recipe dump page, pantry/fridge inventory, calorie tracker, or a list of good snack combinations. In this way, you take full grip on the stuff that’s inside your body.


#5: Your journal is your companion

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And of course, let us not forget to include the sole purpose of bullet journaling a.k.a tracker of tasks. Your journal must be your companion in everything that you do, and this includes your school works. We all know that planners and journals are very close sisters, and there is a thin line between them. But nevertheless, you could use bullet journaling in scheduling your tasks especially if you are a busy bee in school. This includes class attendance, hours studied, assignment completion statuses, study areas to remember, motivation/advice wall for studying.

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