5 Ways Millennials Can Achieve their 2017 Goals


5 Ways Millennials Can Achieve their 2017 Goals


Plan. Do. Repeat.

It’s all we need to do if we want to accomplish our goals or live our biggest dreams. Seems quite straightforward, right? But how easy is it really to achieve our 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Simply put, it’s not easy. It takes colossal doses of courage and determination, but the good news is – it’s up to you to make your 2017 your best year ever! We’ve come up with some ideas on ways you can follow to help you succeed in whatever undertakings you set your heart on.

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Set specific goals

Think of what goals are important for you to accomplish this year or what changes you can make to improve your life and overall wellbeing? Maybe you want to change careers, learn a new technical skill, start with a new hobby or travel around the world, you must know that nothing will ever happen if you don’t work hard for it and hold yourself accountable for what you have set. You may want to start with just a few realistic goals you are passionate about and set them by priority, segmenting every objective by importance. It helps to focus on the urgent ones or and what really matters before you start spreading yourself too thin leading to a major burnout.


Make a game plan

Once you are in the right mindset and know exactly what you want to achieve, it’s time to tie it up with a strict action plan that details every step you need to do in order to achieve them. For example, you want to plan quit your technical job and start a food business – then it’s time you start contacting possible mentors or people who can guide you on how to set it up, researching on skills you might still need before diving into the food industry and slowly learning the ropes in running a business. Eventually, everything that you do towards achieving that goal will lead to significant changes if you create a plan to check off every necessary step and tackle every obstacle along the way.

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Measure your progress

A lot of us create deadlines, but forget to schedule tasks. So you may jot down that you want to lose that 10-lb holiday feast sitting in your gut in a month, but if you don’t bother making a routine for your workouts, preparing healthy meals, etc, what do you think will happen? How will you know if you’re exercises and diets work? Grab your planner and schedule what needs to be done daily or weekly for every goal. Then, use a calendar and mark the days you are have successfully finished a complete workout plan, for example and write notes for any small changes you notice and celebrate small wins!

Basics of Bullet Journaling Bujo
Photo from @jess_studies on Instagram. Take note of your goal accomplishments. Celebrate daily wins!

You might also want to try bullet journaling or BuJo. The craze nowadays, but it’s proven to be super effective in accomplishing things to do and measuring your progress.


Share your goals

You know it’s true that when someone else, apart from yourself, hold you accountable, you will be even more motivated to follow your game plan to a T and reach your goals. With family and friends supporting you, it will give you an energy boost whenever you feel drained and a vote of confidence when you start losing belief in yourself. It’s far likely that you will feel discouraged when you have these people in your life rooting for you. As a general tip, share it with people who have mutual goals or people who always get your back – to sift through the doubters that may just try to put you down.

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Keep your focus

Some things take more time than others and some people do things better than others – probably because they have more resources or that they just got lucky. Who knows, really? It can be hard, but try not to compare yourself with others and focus on what you want to achieve. It’s easy to just give up when the going gets tough, but you need to push through and must have the patience to see the results of your hard work through. Don’t beat yourself too hard and try to manage your own expectations. Read: The Kindness Pact to go easy on yourself! When you do the best that you can, it’s impossible not to see any the development on what you’re working on! Keep your head up high and keep pushing!

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