5 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Genius

5 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Genius

5 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Genius


We all want our kids to be intelligent, independent and secured. And while we know that each child has his/her own way of being the creative genius he/she can be, it is still best that we continue to enhance their best potential. Parentingliteracy.com says that one of the most common misconceptions about genius is that it is born, not made. But the truth is, in order for great talent to flourish it must be properly nurtured.

Here at National Bookstore, we make sure to take part in raising smart and innovative children for the years to come. Check out these 5 simple yet effective ways to enhance your child’s inner genius.


1. Teach them to be independent.

It is very important that we teach our kids to be independent at an early age. Sometimes, this includes letting them do things on their own even if it means committing a mistake. Let your kids explore these DIY toys that will test their problem-solving abilities without the help of mommy and daddy!

HWA941626 DIY Toys 96 pcs
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2. Feed his/her curiosity

What’s smarter than a kid who’s fully aware of his/her surroundings? A child’s curiosity goes a long way in equipping him/her to be innovative and imaginative. Whether you’re looking up information for a project or coursework, or just out of interest, TELL ME EVERYTHING has all the answers! This book is jam-packed with 300+ information that will take your child into different subjects like the world, the human body, history, science and technology, and much more!

Tell Me Everything
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3. Practice critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is a skill one must learn through a lifetime. And while we know that this can’t be done overnight, it is also essential to practice your child’s higher thinking skills even at an early age. Give your child this Magic Cube so as to practice his/her problem solving and critical thinking skills. No worries because it also comes with a basic guide which is definitely ideal for beginners.

Magic Cube Square 8879
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4. Let him/her be creative

Children’s creativity may sometimes go beyond our expectations. We know for a fact that kids really do love storytelling. But sometimes, it’s the other way around! Let your children create their own bedtime stories with these Paw Patrol Stuck On Stories. Use the suction cup characters and your child’s  imagination to bring these Stuck on Stories to life. Read the stories and complete the games. Then, they may also create their very own adventures by decorating each scene with the characters. You’ll be surprised by how wild their creativity and imagination could get!

Paw Patrol Stuck On Stories
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5. Perseverance is key

This is the last but definitely not the least to make your child uniquely genius. Of course, intelligence doesn’t count without hard work and perseverance. No matter how smart you raise your child, one must also teach him/her the value of patience. In this way, you won’t have to worry when unwanted challenges get in the way of their comfort zone. Teach your kids the art of perseverance by starting off with this Eurographics Map of the World, a 2000-piece puzzle. This activity is a good start make your child realize that not everything comes as easy as a pie and thus, he/she needs to strive for it.

Eurographics Map of the World
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Parenthood is a special vocation because it involves raising the next generation. Enhancing your child’s potential is just one of the many responsibilities that parents carry. National Book Store is your partner in making sure your child uses his inner genius throughout his growing up years.

For more educational materials, books, and toys to boost a child’s intelligence, shop online at National Book Store. FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE.

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