5 Types of Tumbler For Every Personality

5 Types of Tumbler For Every Personality

As early as now, we can already feel the summer heat upon us. The scorching heat of the sun and the stressful humidity can be exhausting most of the time. The least we can do is to hydrate ourselves and never let dry skin ruin the game! It’s best to invest in a durable tumbler than buy plastic water bottles from time to time. Not only it is cost-effective but mother Earth will be glad too.

Here are 5 types of tumblers for every personality:

1. For the #YOLO type:

Bando Tumbler With Straw

Do we need to say more? This statement tumbler already has the guts to tell you to go for whatever makes your happy hormones alive. Its loud color is as bold as your personality as well.

2. For the sassy babe:

Bando Tumbler You Are Gold Sip Sip With Straw

A classy babe never settles for anything less than she deserves. And yes, that includes her tumbler. This one’s for the meticulous lady who is so into gold and pink palette. Solid gold!

3. For the subtle and shy type:

Bando Tumbler Heart

Chic and gentle people have the softest personality. Which is why they deserve a tumbler that’s minimalist, cute in pastel color.

4. For the ultimate artsy:

Bando Tumbler Frills Des

When you’re that type of kid in high school who spends most of his time doodling on his notebooks, then all the more reason that this tumbler is made for you. No need to scribble on your notebook, the curves of this goodie is already enough for your artsy vibe.

5. For the Tita of the barkada:

Pho Bando Tumbler

There’s always that one #VeryTita in your barkada, and this might be the best gift for her! We all know she’s fond of all the bright and summer colors. After all, what could be a better pair for her lemonade than a colorful tumbler?

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