5 Reasons Why You Should Maximize and Maintain Your Planner

5 Reasons Why You Should Maximize and Maintain Your Planner

You may probably think that this article was made to convince you in getting a new planner for this year, just like what you did the previous years. We hate to break it to you but this article is written to make you finally ditch your habit of maintaining your planner for a good two months ONLY!

We’ll show you 5 reasons why you should be consistent and disciplined in keeping one.

1. It practices your organizational skills

Having a planner makes you have this weird sense of ~feeling~ organized with your life. Your tasks ahead seem to be less overwhelming when you actually put it all down in writing. Scheduling your errands throughout the week or month gives you a heads-up of your goals.

2. It eliminates you from the list of Procrastinating Queens

Yes, you read it right. Don’t worry, you don’t have to admit being a crammer or procrastinator. We’ve all done that even for once. Thus, all the more reason why you should keep a reliable planner. The key here is to make your planner your partner. Jotting down all your tasks ahead will give you a good picture of your time frame for the whole week, and which day can serve as your rest day.

3. It is your personal space

5 Reasons Why You Should Maximize and Maintain Your Planner

Your planner gives you a sense of ownership and individuality. It is your own personal space where you could vent out all your feelings away without the fear of being judged. A planner is not just to remind you about your scheduled tasks. It is also your stress reliever and journal.

4. It extracts your creative juices

Your episodes of writer’s block and lack of creativity are normal. But, it should not stay that way. Surprisingly, your planner can help you with that. Whenever a fresh new idea pops out, you should immediately write it down. All your random and crazy ideas will soon pay off once you find yourself stuck in a writer’s block or lack of creativity, let those creative juices come out!

5. It helps you make more time for everything

Now that you have a clear vision of your time frame for the whole week, you can finally set out all your top priorities and as well as your least priorities. You could even make time for your hobbies and leisure once you’ve set your busy and non-busy days ahead (if there is one, lol)

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