5 Post-it Products You Need for School


Students, teachers, and even professionals all love Post-it. And it’s easy to see why: they are super useful, colorful, and versatile, too.

Here are 5 of their products you need to add to your shopping list this back to school season:

1. Flags

It might not be exam season yet, but these will come in handy even before then. Use them to mark up your books or reviewers, to make your next study session easier and more colorful. The different colors are perfect for color-coding based on topic, chapter, or subject – however you want to do it!

2. Super Sticky Notes

Normal Post-its are already sticky, but what if you need that extra bit of stickiness? Then these Super Sticky Notes are for you! They have double the sticking power, so they can be passed around to different people and transferred from one surface to another.

3. Big Pad

Share your ideas in a big way with the Big Pads! There are different sizes and colors available, and their large size makes it easy to create larger illustrations, discuss plans, and much more.

4. Pastel

Do you love pastel? Even Post-it has gotten with the pastel craze, with these pretty hues.

5. Classic

It’s hard to beat the classic! These will be your companion on those all-night cramming and grueling study sessions.

Pick your favorite Post-it products in NBS today!

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It’s time to go back to the things you love! Everything you need for back to school is here.

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