5 Perfect Picks from Post-it


You can tell someone’s studying super hard when their books, notes, and study area are all covered in Post-its!

Here are five picks for the back-to-school season:

1. Weekly Planner

Stay organized throughout the week, semester, and school year with these weekly planners.

2. Page Flags

Bright colors sticking out the side of your books and notebooks, marking the most important chapters and sections – that’s what these flags do!

3. Big Notes

Ideas are meant to be shared. With these large yet easily portable notes, planning, discussing, and studying with your friends become much easier.

4. Dispensers

What’s even better than having sticky notes available to you? Getting them from cute dispensers, like this great heart-shaped one!

5. Super Sticky

If you’ve ever had a problem with your Post-its not being sticky enough, then try these Super Sticky notes. They’ll last longer even on vertical surfaces and have unique adhesive technology so you can stick them again and again!

Which of these picks are you adding to your back-to-school shopping list? Let us know in the comments!

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