5 New Hobbies To Try For Summer

5 New Hobbies to Try for Summer 2019

Summertime can be very exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. While it is true that every one of us wishes to maximize our school breaks, the best way to combat boredom is to actually try new hobbies you have never done before!


  1. Essential Oils and  Scented Candles

Essential Oils and  Scented Candles

Very tita-sounding hobby, but it is definitely worth it! You may have heard about the craze of essential oils and scented candles as ways to calm tensions and ease your anxiety. You may even give this to your friends and family who struggle in getting a sound sleep and restful night.  Who knows, this new hobby may turn as a big opportunity for you to start a small business this summer.


  1. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Ten months loaded with a lot of responsibilities and obligations lead to a higher risk of physical and mental stress. Now is the perfect time to meditate without the worries of unfinished tasks at hand.  Doing yoga and meditations will help you regain your balance and mental stability too.


  1. Hiking


Anyone who is brave enough to conquer the summer heat while trekking and hiking deserve to have the best summer. This is the perfect time to reconnect with mother nature and enjoy its beauty without the involvement of social media. Sunburn may hurt temporarily but memories will last for a lifetime!


  1. Street Photography

Street Photography

The best thing about summer is that it allows you to spend more time going out and exploring new places. Even the most mundane places and spots in your area can be a good subject for photography. Learn the basics of this exciting and promising field of street photography to document your best summer yet.


  1. Self-defense and Boxing

Self Defense for Women

Learning self-defense and boxing will always benefit you in the long run. Ladies, heads up! Nowadays, it is very essential to learn how to defend yourself especially in life-threatening situations and dangerous circumstances. Not only do boxing and self-defense provide preventive measures, but it also strengthens your stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Work that muscle out!


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