5 Must-Have Books to Help New Graduates in Career Development

5 Must-Have Books to Help New Graduates in Career Development

5 Must-Have Books to Help New Graduates in Career Development


Top Books for Career Development: New Grad Edition

The cap’s thrown, the diploma’s achieved, and… What now? Well, obviously, the job hunting begins! But it’s not easy and everybody’s looking for tips for new college graduates on how to begin your career. Some resort to self help books for career development but they don’t know where to start. We got your back! Below are 5 must-have books for career development to ease your way to employment:


#1 Welcome to The Real World by Lauren Berger

Welcome To The Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, And Turning Your Job Into Your Dream Career
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Career coach and entrepreneur Lauren Berger argues in this book that in this world of uncertainty, you gotta be bold and take risks. This book needs to belong in every fresh graduate and newbie job seeker’s booklist because this one’s helluva book!


#2 What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles

What Color Is Your Parachute 2016 A Practical Manual For Job Hunters And Career Changers
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Okay, this one’s updated annually so you can count on it being just right. It’s one of the most recommended career advice books there is for career starters. Oh, and did you know that is actually a workbook? It’ll be easier to track your career progress!


#3 Real-Life MBA: Your No BS Guide to Winning The Game, Building A Team, and Growing Your Career by Jack Welch

Real-life Mba: Your No-bs Guide To Winning The Game, Building A Team, And Growing Your Career
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If you want a straightforward career advice with none or minimal of the flowery words and promises, Jack Welch’s book is what you need. He’ll talk to you adult-to-adult so be prepared to some #adulting quickly!

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#4 Strategize to Win by Carla A. Harris

Strategize To Win: The New Way To Start Out, Step U,p Or Start Over In Your Career
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Wall Street writer and author Carla Harris teaches you tricks on how to escape from bad career situations and redirect you to where you actually want to be at. These tricks are proven and tested tools to success, whether you’re starting a career life or a new job. Better take this book into serious use!


#5 Entering Startupland by Jeffrey Bussgang

Entering Startupland Hc: An Essential Guide To Finding The Right Job
Order online for ₱1,235. *FREE shipping nationwide.

Alright, all has been said above but you can’t put all these into use if you don’t know what is it you want to do or where is it you wanna go! Luckily, thank heavens, Bussgang gives fresh grads a guide on how to find the right and suitable job to kick-start their career. What a blessing, huh?


You don’t have to feel so lost now, friend. With the correct mindset, drive and passion, and these books, you’ll surely get your career life right on track. Good luck!

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