5 Creative Ways To Use A Stabilo Highlighter

5 Creative Ways A Stabilo Highlighter Can Do

5 Creative Ways A Stabilo Highlighter Can Do

We bet you’re one of those kiddos who is currently obsessed with Stabilo highlighters. We can’t blame you because these highlighters are undeniably cute and versatile! Since Stabilo highlighters aren’t just for highlighting your notes and lectures, we’ve listed 5 creative ways on how you can maximize these cute lil goodies.

#1 – Calligraphy

Stabilo Highlighters for Calligraphy

While everyone is into brush and calligraphy pens, you might want to be a little extra by using highlighters instead. Stabilo Pastel Highlighters are just too cute for calligraphy; even perfect for beginners!

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#2 – Bullet Journal

Stabilo Highlighters for Bullet Journals

If you’re a newbie into journaling, we understand how overwhelming it could get. No need to worry because you can start by bullet journaling instead. A better way to help you begin is to use legends/marks for every significant information you put in your journals. Highlighters will do the job for you when it comes to specials marks and symbols you put in your bullet journals.

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#3 – Coloring Books

Stabilo Highlighter for adult coloring books

Adult coloring books have been a hit for quite some time now. Thus, coloring enthusiasts always find different mediums to use. If you want a break from the ordinary coloring pencils and markers, why not try to use Stabilo highlighters instead? They do not simply add cuteness to your work, but they also put vibrancy and style into any coloring book.

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#4 – Lectures

Stabilo Highlighter for Lecture Notes

When we say highlighting notes, we do not mean using one color scheme. Having only one highlighter for all your notes is just too boring! To help you study more efficiently, use a specific color for each type of information as shown in the picture. This technique helps you to retain information quickly and break away the monotony during your study sesh.

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#5 – Swatches

Stabilo Highlighter Swatches
image credit: jetpens.com

For all we know, swatches are commonly used in make ups. But who says we can’t use them on highlighters too? We recommend you to do swatching more often because it helps you to pick which color looks good on your taste. Plus, swatching highlighters saves you from regret after hoarding too many highlighters of the wrong shades (yikes!)

What are your most creative ways in using Stabilo Highlighters? Tell us in the comments! You can buy Stabilo highlighters online at National Book Store online shop. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for other awesome crafty ideas!


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