5 Buwan ng Wika Arts & Crafts that You Can Do in School and at Home

5 Buwan ng Wika Arts & Crafts that You Can Do in School and at Home

5 Buwan ng Wika Arts & Crafts that You Can Do in School and at Home
Image Credit: feu.edu.ph

It’s August once again and that means it’s Buwan ng Wika season! Every mom and teacher knows very well how this celebration should go as smoothly and eventful as possible. The truth is, you can celebrate Buwan ng Wika even with a minimum effort. Check out these activities below.

5 Buwan ng Wika Arts & Crafts You Can Try in School and at Home

1. DIY Philippine Flag

Philippine Flag Arts and Crafts Buwan ng Wika
image credit: pinterest.ph

You’ve probably heard or seen this before, and we can’t deny how it remains to be the staple activity for kids. This one may get messy (sorry moms) but this is surely kid-friendly and will leave your tots preoccupied for a long time.

2. Hand painting

Hand Painting Buwan ng Wika
image credit: pinterest.ph


Another messy yet memorable activity for the kids. Hand painting makes their creative minds work, and so do their social skills. Just make sure that the paint is toxic-free and safe for the kids.

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3. Hand painting + group activity

art work linggo ng wika
image credit: pinterest.ph

And of course, Buwan ng Wika celebration isn’t complete without thanking our forefathers for their undying nationalism. This cute and simple craft shows you how to do it.

4. Philippine paper fans

Paper Fans Buwan ng Wika
image credit: pinterest.ph

Paper fans practice coordination skills, especially for preschoolers. These cute arts and crafts guarantee your kids a layer of fun. Just customize it with the colors of the Philippine flag and you’re good to go!

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5. Philippine lanterns

Philippine Paper Lanterns
image credit: pinterest.ph

We all know how lanterns or better known as ‘parol’ have become part of the Filipino Christmas tradition. And much to your surprise, Philippine lanterns aren’t only made for Christmas, it’s also for Buwan ng Wika! This illustration will show you how.

What are your unique ideas and activities for the month of August? Tell us in the comments!

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