5 Brush Marker DIY Craft Ideas for Kids

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Kids these days may have been brought up in the digital age, but there are still many of them who simply like to expend their energy getting creative with whatever they can get their hands on. It’s always good to be armed with fun ideas to keep them busy while you have some downtime, right? So instead of constantly dealing with the accumulation of their daily doodles and mess, why not start a craft project with your kiddo that can serve as their new toy, home décor or something rather practical with the use of brush markers and a few household materials you probably already have?

With these easy DIY craft markers ideas, kids and adults alike will surely have an exciting time crafting! For brush markers, we recommend you use Artline Stix brush markers, which feature rich and vibrant colors that are non-toxic and washable – absolutely safe for kids and ideal for moms who want to keep things stain free around the house – like the clothes of their hyper-active tots!

paper spinner craft

Source: Paper Spinner

Do you remember playing with these spinners back in the days? Now is the time to introduce this simple novelty from your childhood to your little ones that’s so easy and fun to make. You know it don’t just spin, it hums as well! Let them pick their favorite colors and come up with kaleidoscopic patterns; you might just be amazed! Extra tip: at other times, you can even use it to hypnotize them to hit the sack for siesta!



leaf printing craftSource: Leafy prints 

Now these can turn out really pretty with very little effort and just experimenting with the colors! Imprinting it on a cardboard to be used as a temporary placemat or on plain wallpaper in the kids room, for example, are only some of the things you can do with it. Interestingly, you can connect or bunch up the Artline Stix brush markers to produce fascinating and visually appealing color combinations for an added wow factor. To take it to the next (advanced) level, adults can also learn to diffuse colors with water to achieve an ombre or watercolor effect.



DIY popsicle sticks

Source: Popsicle sticks ornaments

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is fast approaching! Have you started adorning your home with Christmas decors yet? If you’re thinking of buying a new set of ornaments for your Christmas tree, consider just saving the money and adding a bit of personalization to it with hand-made charming ornaments the kids will surely love putting together. It’s an economical way to beautify and style your Christmas tree or any part of your home, which are still somewhat bare – what do you say?

There are so many things the whole family, especially the kids, can enjoy doing with brush markers. Fuse your own ideas with your kids’ to produce extraordinary masterpieces you’ll be proud of! Remember, there simply is no limit to your imagination!


For more arts and crafts supplies, head to National Book Store’s arts supplies section. We recommend this child-friendly Brush Marker Set for Artline to keep your little ones busy and creative at the same time!

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