5 Best Book Picks in December: Holiday Reads

5 Best Book Picks in December: Holiday Reads

5 Best Book Picks in December: Holiday Reads

Time to cozy up with a good book for every member of the family as you gather around the Christmas tree this holiday season. We’ve veered away from the usual Christmas-themed picks and rounded up some of our best holiday reads to make your December a little more special and worthwhile! So if you’re still in search of that best Christmas gift book for yourself or someone close to your heart, we might just have the right one for you!

#1: Appetites by Anthony Bourdain

Is there anyone in your life who spends so much time in the kitchen that they’ve somewhat turned into a permanent fixture in it? A handy cookbook on the bar table is definitely a lot better than collecting and saving online recipes especially if it’s by Anthony Bourdain – don’t you think? After more than a decade of roaming around the globe tasting the most peculiar dishes and delicacies, he finally released a book that he believes contains the secret to whipping up the tastiest dishes, which also happens to be his personal favorites, that everyone should learn how to cook. When all you want is to satisfy your guests with flavorful, mouthwatering cuisine from different corners of the world and Mr. Bourdain’s kitchen, you’d thank the heavens for this book!

#2: The Spy by Paulo Coehlo

Unlike many of his works, the international bestselling author Paulo Coelho who brought us The Alchemist entices us to join him in uncovering the controversial story of an exotic dancer called Mata Hari who was accused of spying for Germany and France during the WWI. Coelho’s storytelling takes you as close as you can get to reimagine nonfiction events that transpired at that time. As said by one of its readers, it’s a “very candid look at the life and death of Mata Hari.” It was a great piece that portrayed her truthfully, stripped of all the judgments. If you have always been a fan of Paolo Coelho, this book promises to please with this part factual and part fictional tale of a woman whose “only crime was to be an independent woman.”

Sneak Peek: An Excerpt from Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark

#3: The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Quite atypical of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series or The Host, she introduces the character of a retired female assassin struggling to break away from her involvement with the darkest secrets of the U.S. government agency she worked for and then falling for a man that might complicate her situation even more and put her in greater danger. With an exciting and compelling premise, it will certainly draw Meyer’s audience to discover her new writing style and embrace it with utter fondness. We can’t wait to know what you think about her newest masterpiece!

#4: Dot-to-Dot Coloring Books by Thomas Pavitte

Dot-to-Dot Coloring Books by Thomas Pavitt










Running out of ways to entertain kids and adults? This should provide entertainment for hours! With different themes to choose from – animals, cities, icons, wonders of the world and more – guaranteed this will be a hit! Every book includes 20 pages which take about 30 minutes each to complete; you better get all of them so that fun never stops! It’s a highly artistic take on connect-the-dots activities we have always been exposed to during our childhood years. Be ready to surprise yourself as every page evolves into an amazing work of art you’d want to tear from the book, frame and hang it in your living room. Get it here online.

#5: Quirkles

Wait up, we have one more for the kids! They are the ones we mostly need to keep busy, right? If you have a kid who gets a kick out of geeky stuff like doing science experiments, here’s one of the best Christmas books we have to delight them! Its activities are designed to engage young minds to develop passion and have deeper appreciation of science and literacy. Querkles present colorful illustrations of its characters to provide visual entertainment, too!

So don’t delay, grab your copies now and have it delivered in time for Christmas! We’d just like to remind you as well that you get free shipping when your purchases reach at least Php 1,000.  

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