5 Amazing 2018 Planners For Your Unique Personality

5 Amazing 2018 Planners For Your Unique Personality
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We already know how planners are quite a trend right now. You either get one from a coffee shop, buy from the mall or online, or a good friend of yours may have given you one as a gift for Christmas. Getting yourself a planner this year is not just about fitting in to the trend, it is also about getting to know which type of organizational style fits your personality. No worries, we’ll show you how!

1) For the minimalist

Kikki K Planner Leather Time Planner Large Love Life
Shop online for ₱5,390. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.

If you’re the type of person who finds fashion in simplicity, then this planner is definitely for you. The design’s understated and elegant, but it actually says a lot more about your personality. This kikki.K Leather Planner in grey will do the work for you.


2) For the busy buddy

Bando Organizer Get It Together I Am Very Busy
Shop online for ₱2,499. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.

Well, the front cover says enough. This ban.do Organizer Get It Together planner will help a busy pal who strictly budgets time to ‘get it together’. If you’re a person who has a very hectic schedule, then you deserve a planner that will help you be at your most efficient 24/7.


3) For the girly girl

Kikki K Planner Mauve 2018 Time Planner Large Cute
Shop online for ₱4,390. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.

If you’re the girly type in your barkada who is simply fond of all things beautiful and cute, you’ll definitely love this kikki.K Mauve 2018 Time Planner. With its pastel color and charming mini stickers, it’s not a surprise you’ve already had your heart down to this.


4) For the professional

Kikki K Planner Charcoal Grey 2018 Leather Daily Diary
Shop online for ₱2,890. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.

It can be awkward to bring out a super colorful and stylish planner in the middle of a business meeting, or in front of your boss. Get your hands on this kikki.K 2018 Leather Daily Diary in charcoal grey.

5) For the cool creative

Kikki K Planner 11000301 Multi 2018 A5 Wellbeing Weekly Diary
Shop online for ₱2,190. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.

You deserve a planner that’s  as imaginative as you are. kikki.K’s 2018 Wellbeing Weekly Diary could be your ultimate buddy for when you are jotting down your creative ideas, concepts for your next art work, or to track the progress of your masterpiece.

No matter what type of person you are, or what your preferences are for your planner, what matters is how you track down and achieve your priorities and goals for a fresher and more productive year!

These are just few of the many planners that you can choose from National Book Store. Find much more in NBS today!

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