25 Fun Activities For Families To Do Over the Holidays


Do you notice the colorful Christmas lights blinking along the streets of the Metro? How about the giant Christmas trees and parols displayed on every corner? Truly, it’s Christmas season once again!

As a parent, you should know by now what this season is all about. Besides gift-sharing, the holiday season serves as a great chance to spend quality time with your kids and the whole family. No one else gets excited over Christmas than our children who look forward to unwrapping gifts, doing family traditions and enjoying their parents’ time and attention.

Give your kids the gift of a memorable holiday experience! If you haven’t planned yet how to make this Christmas fun and unforgettable for them, here are some activities you can do with your kids and family.

1. Make Christmas tree ornaments

If you’re tired of buying ornaments for an unreasonable price, you can collect materials from your own home and create unique Christmas tree ornaments. Your kids will surely appreciate this fun time with you.

2. Hang Christmas lights

Hanging Christmas lights of multiple colors around the house is an exciting thing to do. It just uplifts the whole vibe of the home and boosts the Christmas spirit. Do it as a team and allow your kids to assist you!

3. Write a letter to Santa

Believing in Santa is every kid’s childhood dream and a parent’s long kept secret. While writing a personal note to Santa, you can impart values that they’ll use for life.

4. Make Christmas cards for lolo and lola

After creating a letter to Santa, you can also make cute and colorful Christmas cards for their grandparents. Surely, their grandparents will be thankful for anything that comes from their grandchildren

5. Bake cookies

Pastries during the holidays are extra special because they are made with warmth and love. There are a lot of easy recipes you can do with your kids. Teaching them how to bake cookies is a good start.

6. Wrap gifts

As cliché as it may sound, Christmas is truly the season of giving. From picking the color of wrappers and even to choosing the gifts itself, it’ll be a fun bonding time with your kids.

7. Have a game night

The holidays also serve as a reunion for some families. Invite your relatives to gather in your living room or dining area. It could be the perfect time you and your kids play some board games with them. It will be a fun competition you won’t want to miss!


8. Read a story book

Your kids still enjoy storytelling from time to time. Pull out those Christmas tale classics and read to your kids. It will be an intimate moment for you and them.

9. Watch a Christmas movie

Make your kids see a fun Christmas movie. The “Home Alone” series is a Christmas staple that your whole family will enjoy.

10. Go caroling together

In the Philippines, carollers roam around the village and go from one house to another to ask for aguinaldo. Since Filipinos love to sing, belting out some Christmas tunes will spread some happy feelings to the community.

11. Sew Santa stockings

Some of your tiny gifts can be placed inside these surprise stockings. Kids enjoy the surprise of unknown gifts. There are a lot of designs you can put in the Santa stocking. Of course, it depends on the theme you want.

12. Go gift shopping

Holiday shopping can be quite stressful with a lot of people flocking the malls. However, doing it with your kids can make it less of a headache. You can delegate certain shops where they can buy and at the same time, teach them budgeting tips too.

13. Go to theme parks

If you want an activity that has some thrill and extra level of adrenaline, then going to theme parks should be on your list. From roller coasters, bumper cars, and even some horror houses, you and your kids will certainly have a good time.

14.  Make DIY gifts

If you can’t find the perfect gift at the mall, maybe it’s time to get those crafty hands to work. You can search for unique DIY gifts online and let your kids assist you. Art materials will come in very handy in this artsy activity.

15. Do Christmas coloring and painting

This is a perfect time to show your creativity. Together, you can work on some Christmas craft activities and let your kids use their imagination. Give them a hand while they create their best art yet.

16. Design 2018 journals

The holidays are not just about Christmas. It’s also the last month of the year, so preparations for the next year is important. Teach your kids goal setting while they are young. Buy them their first journal and let them add a personal touch to it. You can bond over setting goals for the next year.

17. Check out Christmas light shows

A fun activity that needs little to no budget is going to public parks and watch a Christmas lights display with your whole family. Let your kids enjoy the dancing and colorful lights!

18. Visit relatives

Seeing your extended family and relatives is also a fitting activity for the holidays. Let your kids bond with their cousins and kindred. Doing so will implant the importance of family into their consciousness.

19. Go out of town

Take your kids to a road trip or o beach getaway to a place of their choice. It’s now the most opportune time to tick off one or two of your trip goals for the year.

20. Do charity work

Lending a hand to charity will display the true essence of the holidays. Instill compassion and giving in your children by donating or making time to do charity work this holiday season.

21. Watch the New Year’s Eve countdown

Nowadays, welcoming the New Year is not solely spent at home. There are New Year’s countdown celebrations around the Metro for you to join and enjoy.

22. Attend the Simbang Gabi

It’s the season of Advent as well, and attending Simbang Gabi is a special time. You’ll see families and teenagers at the earliest time in the morning trying to catch the first mass.

23. Have a Christmas-themed family photoshoot

If you want the Holiday season to be one for the books, then put it in eternity through a photoshoot. You can dress up in red, green, or white and even go as crazy as wearing Christmas costumes.

24. Do gift exchange

No matter what kind of gift, big or small, the thought of gift giving is a precious and fun activity for anyone.

25. Celebrate Christmas together

Lastly, be with your family. Catch up, reminisce about some favorite family times, and exchange laughter because this is what the holidays are about.

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