20 #GivingTuesday Ideas You Can Give to Friends and Loved Ones

20 #GivingTuesday Ideas You Can Give to Friends and Loved Ones
20 #GivingTuesday Ideas You Can Give to Friends and Loved Ones

20 #GivingTuesday Ideas You Can Give to Friends and Loved Ones by National Book Store Online

This season is a lot about giving. Last week, it was about giving thanks. Now, it’s about giving back! Did you know that tomorrow is actually #GivingTuesday?

In light of that, you may want to give something random but useful to your friends. Grab one of these nifty gifts for them, and put some smiles on their faces.

#1 – Origin (Dan Brown)

Origin by Dan Brown
Shop online for only P876.

Giving someone the gift of reading is always great. For this, Dan Brown’s latest book Origin is a good choice. Full of the usual Dan Brown excitement, Origin will surely give your friend something to keep busy with this holiday season.

#2 – Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy Pen Collection by National Book Store Online

Unleash the inner creatives in your friends! Sheaffer’s line of calligraphy pens are excellent for people who love to make art out of their words. It’s good for both pros and those just learning calligraphy.

#3 – Star Wars 501st Legion Trooper Flash Drive

Tribe Flashdrive Fd0074 Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper 8gb
Shop online for only ₱799!

Got friends who are Star Wars fans? They’ll surely love this one. Not only is it a 501st Legion minifigure, but it’s also an 8GB flash drive! Now that’s multipurpose.

#4 – Rhodia A4 Lined Journal

Rhodia Journal 118368 A4 Lined 96s Orange Web
Shop online for only ₱999!

Your writer friends will thank you for this. Any writer knows how important having a notebook anywhere they go is. And with Rhodia’s simple yet brilliant design, your writer friends will surely love to take this with them everywhere.

#5 – Energizer Book Light

Energizer Book Light Bkfn2b4 Led Light
Shop online for only ₱449!

Any bookworm would love to have this by their side. This handy book light by Energizer clips onto the pages of any book. With that, reading in the dark just got a lot easier. And the efficient LED light ensures long battery life. Give one to a bookworm friend and they’ll love you for it

#6 – Miquelrius Pouch

Miquelrius Pouch 18481 Colored Turquiose
Shop online for only ₱459!

We all have that friend who just loves to collect pens. To lose any of their pens surely gives them great pain. But give them one of these pouches by Miquelrius, and you’ll help them avoid that pain. Each pouch has enough space for all the precious pens your friend lives to hoard.

#7 – Zig Brush Markers

Zig Brush Marker Set Ms77004vgrn 4clrs Memory System Green
Shop online for only ₱599.75!

Your artist friends will love this fancy set of markers. They’re brush markers, meaning they write just like a brush would paint. Except that with these, there are no messy paint splotches.

#8 – Stabilo Point 88 Marker Set

Stabilo Point 88 Pastel Colors 8's
Shop online for only ₱307.75!

Your artsy friends again will love this. The point 88 markers are great for anyone wanting a different writing experience. Think of a fine point pen using permanent marker ink. That’s essentially what the Point 88s are.

And they even go well with the Miquelrius pouch in #6, so why not give both if you can?

#9 – Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal (black)
Shop online for only ₱503!

This book is great for any of your friends who want something unique and fun. Wreck This Journal contains dozens of fun, stimulating activities for anyone. The things it’ll tell you to do will, surely, wreck that journal.

#10 – Kikki K Magnetic Bookmarks

Kikki K Bookmark 10984401 Multi Magnetic Page Sweet 2018
Shop online for only ₱290!

This goes again to your bookworm friends. With an ever growing collection of books, they’ll need bookmarks too. And with these cute magnetic bookmarks, they’ll never lose track of where they are again. Even if they read many books at a time.

#11 – Lapoche Charge Me Up Bag

Lapoche Charge Me Up Bag 1418gry Gray
Shop online for only ₱1,099!

This is for your techie friends. Those who always bring their whole arsenal of gadgetry with them. This bag will hold all the chargers and cables for their laptops, tablets, phones, smartwatches, drones, cameras, and more. It even has space for flash drives, SD cards, and other small electronics accessories. This bag ensures all of these charging-related devices are all in one place.

#12 – The Complete 101 Collection (John C. Maxwell)

Complete 101 Collection What Every Leader Needs To Know
Shop online for only ₱556!

Maybe you have a friend whom you see as a future leader. Or maybe he/she is one now. Well, what better thing to give him/her than a book like this? Leadership guru John C. Maxwell will equip your friends with the skills they need to succeed as they lead. The Complete 101 Collection covers attitude, relationships, teamwork, and even mentoring. Maxwell indeed makes you more well-rounded.

#13 – Olife Desk Organizer

Olife Desk Organizer S 356e 00 Empty Holder Holder Black
Shop for only ₱255!

Do you have a friend whose desk is always cluttered? Why not give him/her a helping hand through this cute little desk organizer? It’s a good place for your friend to keep all those loose pens, erasers, boxes of staples, paper clips, scissors, rulers, and more. This will surely help him/her get his/her desk in order.

#14 – Freakonomics (Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner)

Freakonomics (new Edition)
Shop online for only ₱252!

This goes for your friends who love to analyze anything. They’ll love the premise of Freakonomics, which explores “the hidden side of everything”. From buying dinner to getting insurance, Freakonomics takes very mundane things and reveals the unexpected reasons behind them. It also explains, in a weird way, why people do the things they do.

#15 – One Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion (Adam J. Kurtz)

1 Page At A Time (blue): A Daily Creative Companion
Shop online for only ₱436!

Do you have a friend who you think needs a daily dose of inspiration? Give him/her One Page at a Time. No, not literally give him one page a day; give him the book with that title. Each of the 365 pages gives a short, yet meaningful creative project anyone can do. Enjoy creating every day through writing, drawing, and reflecting.

#16 – Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

Red Queen
Shop online for only ₱435!

This book was the winner of the 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards! Any of your bookworm friends will love its story. Mare Barrow, a “Red” by birth, is suddenly thrust into a life of royalty in the presence of the “Silvers”. No spoilers here; just give this to a friend and let them find out what will happen. One thing’s for sure though: Red Queen does not disappoint.

#17 – Iwata USB Rechargeable Fan

Iwata Usb Fan Cm15rhf 01 Black Portable Rechargeable With Hand Grip
Shop online for only ₱535!

Any of your friends will love this fan. It’s perfect for when they’re out and about and can’t take the heat. It’s a quick and easy way to cool down. And it’s small enough to fit into almost any bag. It’s also rechargeable, so it’s eco-friendly. No need for disposable alkaline batteries.

#18 – Promate Bluetooth Speaker

Promate Bluetooth Speaker Black Rustic-2
Shop online for only ₱1,995!

This is for your audiophile friends. Their sound-tripping will be a lot more satisfying with this bluetooth speaker nearby. It’s a more powerful alternative than just their phones’ speakers. It’s ideal for sharing their jam with others, or if they’re just at home and don’t want to use earphones.

#19 – Promate 5200 mAh Powerbank

Promate Powerbank 5200mah Blk Reliefmate-5 Pocket Size
Shop online for only ₱545!

Just about anyone with a phone knows the struggle of running out of battery too soon. Help a friend overcome that struggle through this 5200 mAh powerbank. Any friend would thank you for giving them something like this. You’re literally giving them power.

#20 – Lapoche Shoe Bag

Lapoche Shoe Bag 1404r Red
Shop online for only ₱899!

Got a friend who loves hitting the gym? Surely he/she would love somewhere to store his/her gym shoes conveniently. Give them one of these Lapoche Shoe Bags. Maybe that will even motivate them to work out more.


Those are just 20 things you can give to your friends, family, and those that matter to you this #GivingTuesday. Take part and give back to those who have given you much already. Surely they’ll appreciate you for taking the effort!

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