15 Summer Vacation Activities You Can Do On a Budget!

15 Summer Vacation Activities You Can Do On a Budget!

15 Summer Vacation Activities You Can Do On a Budget!

School’s out and summer has finally arrived upon us! But your vacation also means getting no allowance for a few months. While everybody’s getting their sun-kissed skin at the beach, or maybe dipping in the pool with their swimsuits, you’re here reading this blog in your couch. But do not fret! Having a tight budget does not mean you’re also getting a doomed summer vacay. Below are 15 easy to do summer activities that you can do without even  having much in your wallet!

Budget Summer Activities You Can Do this Vacation


1. Clean up your study table

First things first, you should start your vacation by clearing up your mind from all the stress that you got from school. One way to do this is to put away all your used paper works, scratch papers, broken pens, projects for the past semester, and the like. You might want to declutter your table by throwing away the things you no longer need or to donate the ones that could still be used. By doing so, you will get that fresh feeling of having a brand new start!


2. Make a garage sale

One you clear your table, put your closet on to the second list. Surely there are clothes that do not fit you anymore, or just simply do not suit your current fashion style. Spend at least one day sorting out the clothes that you still want to keep and the clothes that are better off with someone else’s closet. This way, you will earn money this summer and you will have more space in your cabinet for your new set of OOTDs.


3. Throw a simple sleepover party

When you and your friends can’t go strolling at the mall (because hello, no allowance from parents), then throw a simple sleepover instead! It doesn’t have to be that “much” unlike most slumber parties that you see on Pinterest. You could have the best night with your besties wearing your favorite pajamas, having an all-night Netflix party while  grabbing your hot popcorns. You see, having a great time does not have to hurt your wallet too!


4. Revise your bucket list

We’re pretty sure many of you have already made your bucket lists. But as time goes by, you get to know yourself even more and so do your interests. Time to check your bucket list if it still appeals to your curiosity and interest. You might want to cross out some and add new ones instead. Remember that it does not have to be achieved immediately; the thing is to make it clear to yourself all the things that you really want to do sometime in the future. Post it somewhere where you can always see it so you won’t forget because when it’s ‘out of sight, it’s out of mind’.

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5. Start an active lifestyle

School season really takes much of your time; you do school-related works even at home and during weekends. We understand how it’s really taking away  the time that you should be spending on your health and wellness. This break, start taking charge of your body each day by having regular exercise, morning or afternoon jog, yoga, or gym. Do this while eating smart at the same time. (but hey, having a bite of cheeseburger once in a while isn’t that bad!).


6. Create a bullet journal

We’re sure you’ve definitely heard of this because it has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Bullet journaling does not require you to be super skilled at all. All you have to do is to be expressive of your thoughts and keep creating. We’ve got the perfect tutorial for aspiring beginners like you!

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basics of bullet journaling


7. Paint it all away

Paint all the things that make your inner artist happy. Start with the basics by experimenting and mixing new shades/color. You can use acrylic paint, watercolor, or any medium that you feel comfortable with. For a twist, ask mom for any old and pre-loved picture frame and use it to hang in your room. Now that’s another IG-worthy picture!

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8. Collect pictures

By collecting pictures, we mean taking an afternoon walk around your neighborhood and taking random photos that contain deeper meaning for you. The simpler, the better. You could also make a creative journal out of your collected photos and write a short brief literary piece about it. You’ll be surprised by how random pictures says a lot.  


9. Make friends around the neighborhood

You’ve been used to locking yourself inside your house for so long. Your social interaction circles within your social media accounts. When was the last time that you actually took time to personally interact with your neighbors or childhood friends? Now’s the perfect time to catch up.


10. Learn a new skill

Learn simple skills like making quick microwave dishes, turning your faded jeans into a tote bag, or just taking a good shower in less than 10 minutes. Whatever it is, gaining a special skill makes you productive the whole year round. Plus, it does not make your brain stagnant during the break.

Check out this fun and creative video from Nifty Buzzfeed: 6 Ways to Have a Beach Day at Home!

11. Try a new hairstyle

Wanting to try a different hairstyle but are afraid to do so? You could cut your tresses short, curl it, make it straight, color it vibrantly, or whatever it is that will make you happy.  There’s no better time than summer time! You’ll be free from school policies about haircuts; and this will also be a time for you to try out a different style that suits you before you wow your classmates come school season.


12. Have a picnic

Bring out mom’s old tablecloth and picnic basket. Make your favorite sandwich or put your popcorn in the microwave. Call your friends and invite them for a picnic to the nearest park. Play badminton or fly a kite. Turn off your phones and personally talk with your loved one’s. It’s not everyday that the universe gives you time to do such.


13. Visit an art museum

Heading out to shopping malls and food parks are already overrated. Let’s try something different like reviving almost-abandoned art museums and visiting local art exhibits. By doing this, we are able to show our support to our very own artists and curators; thus promoting our rich and diverse culture when it comes to art.


14. Bake cookies for the homeless

What better way to spend your vacation by helping out the less fortunate? Spend a day or two baking cookies and give them out to the homeless. The more, the merrier- so invite your cousins and friends to do the same so that you could all help out more homeless people. A random act of kindness goes a long way.


15. Volunteer for charity work

This summer can be your best one yet if you apply the values that you learned in school. Appreciate the art of serving others and being selfless by  happily volunteering to feeding programs, medical missions, supporting the ‘liga’ in your baranggay, helping to repack goods to be donated, or visiting an orphanage. Trust, the  fulfillment is priceless and it will teach you to have a big heart to others.

Project Aral 2018
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Spending your summer break to the fullest does not have to make you broke. Sometimes, you could have the best summer of your life by appreciating the things around you  and making something out of it. What are you looking forward this summer? We’d love to read ‘em in the comments!

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