15 Self-Help Books For a Better You in 2017


15 Self-Help Books For a Better You in 2017

Because of the fast-paced and stress-inducing culture today, self-help books are written with a promise of making life easier to manage. 2017 is a fresh start to do just that! Here are 15 best Self-Help books that will guide you to a better version of yourself this 2017:


1) Failed It! by Erik Kessels

Failed It
Failed It, ₱599

Mistakes have always been portrayed as signs of failure; but in this book, mistakes are celebrated! Failed It! proposes to embracing mistakes as part of the growth process and get rid of the fear of failure.This book – perfect for the medyo-perfectionist working millennial – is also a part-photobook that includes Kessels’ personal illustrations and photos, each with a nugget of wisdom for making mistakes a reason to celebrate!


2) Design the Life you Love

Design The Life You Love
Design The Life You Love, ₱699

More often than not, millennials find themselves at a crossroad: what they need and what they want. Apparently, you can’t have both at the same time! In Design the Life You Love, Birsel writes about a creative-thinking process of designing that will make both roads meet. This book is perfect for both working professionals and fresh graduates who are still lost in the sea of opportunities!


3) Destination Success by Dwight Bain

Destination Success
Destination Success, ₱195

Do you often ask yourself: Is this the life I really want? Am I doing this to reach my goals? Life coach Dwight Bain shares lessons on how to know if it is a life you want that you live and how to apply them in everyday life.


4) Four Purposes of Life

The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning And Direction In A Changing World
The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning And Direction In A Changing World, ₱495

Have you ever asked the jackpot question: “what on earth am I doing this for?” Yes? Were you able to answer it? No? Well, this must be your lucky day! In The Four Purposes of Life, Dan Millman gives his readers the answer by teaching the four purposes that will quench your thirst for deeper insights and self-knowledge.


5) Mindset by Carol Dweck

Mindset the New Psychology of Success
Mindset the New Psychology of Success, ₱585

Contrary to popular belief, talents and abilities aren’t the only factors for success. Okay, there might be a resounding “WHAT?!” in your head but hear us out: While talents and abilities are helpful, Mindset teaches that talents and abilities alone aren’t enough – you need the growth mindset. This groundbreaking book is perfect both for people who are yet to discover their hidden talents and those who have no idea what to do with theirs!


6) Hope for the flowers

Hope For The Flowers
Hope For The Flowers, ₱265

This timeless tale will give the exhausted working soul the courage to hope again the way he hoped before. Enjoyed by millions of readers around the globe, Hope for the Flowers offers an inspiring story of the realization of one’s destiny. We dare you to try not to sob while reading!


7) Courage to be yourself

The Courage to Be Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem
The Courage to Be Yourself: A Woman’s Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem, ₱669

Ladies, listen up! Ever found yourself meeting others’ expectations to the point of compromising your own needs and happiness? Well, this book is written for you! Sue Patton Thoele equips readers with the tools they need to have the courage to express their true selves and become their own BFFs!


8) Healing Code

Healing Code 6 Minutes To Heal The Source of Your Health Success
Healing Code 6 Minutes To Heal The Source of Your Health Success, ₱675

With all the stress that comes with a career (deadlines, co-workers, and the traffic), working professionals find themselves with another problem: illnesses! Well, worry no more! Targeting the neuro-immune system, The Healing Code offers the Universal Healing Code (which, by the way, only takes a few minutes to do! Talk about convenience!) to alleviate the source of 95% of illnesses. Indeed, a healthy mind and body is one answer on how to be more productive!


9) Conquering An Enemy Called Average by John Mason

Today’s work demands nothing less than excellent and not everybody can handle the pressure! Luckily, best-selling author John Mason published Conquering An Enemy Called Average to aid working professionals to overcome mediocrity. Using 52 truths about godly wisdom and pragmatic approaches, this book will release the excellence potential in you!


10) Rising Strong

Rising Strong
Rising Strong, ₱845

This #1 New York Times Bestseller might be too deep for those unprepared to read it; but when you do, you’ll go no-regrets-crazy! Brown writes that the process of rising strong after each fall – no matter how painful it is – is what makes us braver and courageous than ever before. This is definitely a must-read!


11) How to Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For by M.J. Ryan

How To Survive Change You Didnt Ask For
How To Survive Change You Didnt Ask For, ₱629

Sudden, unwanted change? Who likes that?! Ryan writes that changes don’t have to be likened; just accepted. This book is the best for those in the middle of transition periods whether in their career, lifestyle, and relationships.


12) The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant At A Moment’s Notice by Todd Henry

Accidental Creative How To Be Brilliant At A Moments Notice
Accidental Creative How To Be Brilliant At A Moments Notice, ₱669

The workforce of today find themselves in a dilemma: simply doing your job is not enough anymore! Today, jobs demand bright ideas at a snap of a finger and unfortunately, not everyone can do it. Well, lucky for us, this book by Todd Henry is here to guide us to do just that! It offers practical and effective strategies to inspire creative and brilliant ideas.


13) Be The Miracle by Regina Brett

Be The Miracle
Be The Miracle, ₱559

Whether it is a dream job or a dream car, working millennials are all waiting for a life-changing miracle to come and when it doesn’t, they get all “I-don’t’-know-what-I’m-doing-anymore-ayokonatalagabes!” Perfectly written for working professionals, Regina Brett writes a collection of essays sharing lessons from her own life teaching her readers how to become the miracle they want to be.


14) Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Better than Before
Better than Before, ₱395

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions include getting rid of bad habits (be it being more productive at work or lessen too much social media-ing). C’mon, let’s admit it: It is extremely difficult! Thank heavens this book was written. Rubin examines every approach in getting rid of bad habits and help you identify which one works for you!


15) The Kindness Pact by Dominique Bertolucci

Kindness Pact
Kindness Pact, ₱495

Perfectly written book for the bff-ng-lahat-pero-hindi-ng-sarili, The Kindness Pact introduces eight promises you have to make to yourself; promises to take care of yourself as much as you take care of others. The book comes with stories everybody could relate to from Bertolucci’s work as a lifestyle coach.


We hope you find inspiration in these titles. When the going gets tough, remember that we can all use a little help. Here’s to cheering you on for the best version of yourself in 2017!

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