15 National Book Store Items That’ll Make Perfect Christmas Gifts!

15 National Book Store Items That'll Make Perfect Christmas Gifts!

Christmas shoppers, this one’s for you! We understand the hassle from the long lines at the counter, overwhelmingly large crowd of shoppers, harsh traffic, and the stress from last minute shopping. We want to spare you from such exhaustion by listing down below 15 items that are guaranteed to make perfect gifts that can be bought easily through online shopping!



For the artist


Canson Oil And Acrylic Paper

Canson Oil And Acrylic Paper
Shop online for only ₱106. *FREE shipping nationwide.

With a special coating that absorbs oil and acrylic paints, this Figueras Oil and Acrylic Paper by Canson ensures exceptional colour rendering. The linen texture provides an effect that is very similar to genuine linen canvas. It is basically a linen finish paper ready to use for oil, acrylic and oil pastels. Your artist friend would definitely love you for this!

Zig Brush Marker Set 

Shop online for only ₱599.75. *FREE shipping nationwide.

Brush markers never go out of style because calligraphy will always have a special place in the hearts of many artists out there. If you have a friend who’s just so into hand lettering, better gift him/her this Zig Fine and Bullet Marker that features both a fine tip for writing and a bullet tip for colorful illustrating. Zig pens can be used to write in hundreds of fun lettering styles, especially dot lettering. Plus, it’s perfect for writing in photo albums and scrapbooks.


For the booklover


52 Ways To Make A Difference

52 Ways To Make A Difference
Shop online for only ₱125! *FREE shipping nationwide.

It’s more than 52 actually! But author Lynn Gordon shows us 52 effective and remarkable simple ways on how we could finally make a change ( for ourselves,relationships, health, lifestyle, studies, workplace and the like) especially for the upcoming new year. Best gift for your goal oriented friends!

Am I Normal Yet

Am I Normal Yet
Shop online for only ₱499! *FREE shipping nationwide.

The story is about Evie, a normal college girl who just went off to college for med school and starts to mend her own life with her newly found friends. This book is for any college girl who’s just starting to figure out her true aspirations while also struggling to find her own identity amidst the pressures of being inside a university.

Another Day Exclusive Edition

Another Day Exclusive Edition Nbs
Shop online for only ₱435! *Free shipping nationwide

And the long wait is over! If you’re a fan of David Levithan, we’re pretty sure you are aware of  how fascinating his book one (Every Day) is. It has garnered several awards before and his second book is definitely no exception at all.  In this enthralling companion to his New York Times bestseller Every Day, David Levithan (co-author of Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green) tells Rhiannon’s side of the story as she seeks to discover the truth about love and how it can change you.


For the fashionista

Daphne Multi Purpose Pouch 

Daphne Multi Purpose Pouch 300d Flower Des Combination Lt Green And White

Shop online for only ₱299.75. *FREE Shipping nationwide.

Being a fashionista by heart is not confined  within the four corners of your closet. But rather, a true fashion guru goes with a lifestyle! Bring your “fashion first aid kit” anywhere with you with this Daphne Multi Purpose Pouch that fits all your essentials. It comes in a combination of light green and white that makes you safe from the fashion police.

Kate Spade Tumbler 175433 Lemon With Straw

Kate Spade Tumbler 175433 Lemon With Straw
Shop online for only ₱1,399! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Kate Spade items do belong in the cream of the crops when it comes to fashion. Even in their little and simple items, they never fail to stand out among the rest. One good example is this cutiepatootie tumbler that perfectly makes a statement! Give this to your friend who’s a gym buddy, on-the-road junkie, traveler by birth,  or just simply on-the-go person.  After all, who doesn’t love lemons?


For the partygoers


Kate Spade Drinkware 

Kate Spade Drinkware 167642 Two Cheers
Shop online for only ₱1,999! *FREE shipping nationwide.

We all have that friend who is the life of the party no matter what. You might want to give him/her these statement shot glasses that are made to booze up any occasion or celebration anywhere, anytime. Plus, it simply reminds him/her to drink moderately, eh?

Kate Spade Drinkware Navy Rugby Stripe

Kate Spade Drinkware 165930 Navy Rugby Stripe
Shop online for only ₱999! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Remind your friend to stay hydrated even during parties! We all know that alcoholic drinks can be a little to dehydrating so it’s best to bring a tumbler to keep you and your friends  quenched at all times especially this holiday season where Christmas and Year-end parties are everywhere.


For the gadget gurus


Bando Earphone Pink With Volume Control Cantaloupe

Bando Earphone 14130120 Pink With Volume Control Cantaloupe
Shop online for only ₱599! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Do you know a friend or a family member who’s always stuck in traffic? Help him/her ditch the boredom of bumper-to-bumper kind of traffic by giving him/her this pair of overly cute earphones. Spending hours in the road with a noisy surrounding is no joke; but a good music or a good sleep while you’re at it is already a big help.

Star Wars Flash Drive Stormtrooper 8GB

Star Wars Flash Drive Stormtrooper 8gb
Shop online for only ₱999! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Hey there, Star Wars buddies! Make your Christmas extra extraaaaaa merry with this Star Wars inspo 8gb flash drive that’s accessible and easy to bring anywhere. Don’t you want to tag along a stormtrooper in your desktop or workplace?

Yokatta Bundy Clock Dx-5 with foldable Timecard Rack And 10pcs Timecards

Yokatta Bundy Clock Dx-5 W/foldable Timecard Rack And 10pcs Timecards
Shop online for only ₱5,800! *FREE shipping nationwide.

One can lose track of the time when work loads go together simultaneously. This coming 2018, make it a part of your New Year’s resolution to never waste any single precious time in doing all your tasks and never be late in the workplace! This gift is best for your friend who is designated to monitor the time-in and time-outs in the office. Some of the best features of Yokatta Bundy Clock are as follows:

  • High speed printing and low noise
  • Identifies tardiness and undertime by (*) Asterisk
  • Power failure backup battery
  • Automatic card feed and release
  • Auto detection of correct time card side
  • Time programmable alarm with musical melody
  • For a maximum of 50 employees
  • Uses C5000 Time Cards
  • Gross Weight : 2.1kg
  • Dimension of : 13.8 x 10.5 x 19 cm

Cabstone Powerbank Pocket 5.2 Power

Cabstone Powerbank Pocket 5.2 Power
Shop online for only ₱2,000! *FREE shipping nationwide.

In today’s busy world, everything portable serves many purpose in all aspects. And because not everyone can has the time and place to charge to a power source, this power bank can be so handy. It supplies 1.0 ampere – enough power to charge smartphones and small devices. Cabstone Powerbank Pocket has the capacity that suffices for an average of 2-3 smartphone charging cycles. And the best part? It is definitely a battery status and micro-USB cable integrated.

Cabstone Usb Cable Micro Metal Plug Type

Cabstone Usb Cable Micro 43808 Metal Plug Type B 2 0
Shop online for only ₱680! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Loose and low quality USB cables have always been our pet peeve. Maybe it’s really about time to invest in a long term and high quality cable just like this Cabstone Usb Cable Micro 43808 Metal Plug Type B 2 0. What’s unique about this product is that the plug is made out of metal that ensures good functionality. It may not be that cheap, but the quality will never be compromised.

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