15 Last Minute Back to School Shopping You Need Now!

Last Minute Back to School Shopping

15 Last Minute Back to School Shopping You Need Now!

We know that everyone’s into back to school craze once again. But, in the light of this season’s crowded shopping, long lines to the cashier, and messy aisles, how sure are you that you got all your school essentials in just one shopping? We bet these 15 last minute shopping back to school goodies will save you from too much hassle!


Best Buy Matte Sticker Photo Paper

Best Buy Matte Sticker Photo Paper 10 Sheets
Shop online for only ₱116.75! *FREE shipping available.

We can’t deny the fact that sticker papers are a great help when it comes to labelling our notebooks and books. This year, invest in a good sticker paper that’s smudge-proof and ink-friendly. The matte texture brings the ink to dry quickly as to save time in labelling your items.


2. Post-It Tape Flag Clear Dispenser

Post-It Tape Flag #683-5CF 0.472X1.719 Clear Dispenser
Shop online for only ₱244! *FREE shipping available.

With tons of lectures and notes you’ll be jotting down this academic year, it is not even impossible to lose track of which notebook filler belongs to a particular subject. Keep your notes organized with these Post-It Tape Flags by assigning a certain color for a specific subject (e.g pink tape flags for math lectures). This way, you can find the information you need without taking up too much time.


3. Hard Copy Paper

Hard Copy Copy Paper Long 70gsm
Shop online for only ₱224.75! *FREE shipping available.

Bond papers have been our study buddies since we entered school age. Up until now, it is still important as we face another academic year full of school papers, term papers, and thesis. Never let yourself run out of paper by buying in bulk. It not only saves a lot of time and effort but it is practical too. Hard Copy papers see to it that they do not compromise the ink quality with their affordable and student-friendly price.


4. Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pen

Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pen Metallic Green
Shop online for only ₱117! *FREE shipping available.

There are students who are simply not fond of note taking and reviewers. If you are one of them, fret no more because there are new ways of ditching those boring and dull lectures. Using the Zig Brush Pen in Metallic Green, you can make calligraphy fonts for the headers and titles of your notes. Now you can be creative and productive at the same time!


5. Rhodia Journal

Rhodia Journal 18501
Shop online for only ₱249! *FREE shipping available.

And since we’re talking about note taking, jotting them all down in a handy and convenient journal saves you from the tedious task. It will not take up so much of your time by finding a particular notebook in your jam-packed bag because you can bring this journal almost everywhere.


6. Budget Bundle First Aid Promo Pack

Budget Bundle First Aid Promo Pack
Shop online for only ₱189.75! *FREE shipping available.

Rainy season has just begun and so this call for extra protection against mosquitoes. For us students, we might overlook this one due to our hectic schedule. Lucky for us, there is this all in one pouch and we are good to go. For only 189 php, this Budget Bundle includes mosquito repellent patches, table and seat sanitizer, mosquito repellent spray, pocket tissue, and reusable multi-purpose pouch.


7. Pilot Rollerball Frixion Pens

Pilot Rollerball Regular BLFRR4 Black 0.4mm Frixion
Shop online for only ₱76.25! *FREE shipping available.

Pilot Frixion pens have been our buddies since then. You might have forgotten to buy one since it’s not easy to go through a sea of people during this season. Frixion pens still hit the shelves every now and then; especially during examinations where there are no place for erasures (oops!)


8. Superior Graphic Twin Marker

Superior Graphic Twin Marker
Shop online for only ₱49! *FREE shipping available.

If you are an artist by heart, then this Superior Graphic Twin Marker is definitely for you. Professional quality marker with both fine and broad tips ideal for artists who require best performance and durable drawing. Now you don’t have to switch different markers of different tips/sizes!


9. Minions Highlighter Bic Bliner Twin Tip

Minions Highlighter Bic Bliner Twin Tip Green 41601174
Shop online for only ₱35.50! *FREE shipping available

And because we are a fan of twin markers, we can’t miss out on twin highlighters, too! This cutie patootie highlighters from Bic are inspired from our favorite Minions. We chose color green for you because it is the color of happiness and optimism for the best academic year yet!


10. File Case Livinbox

File Case OFA03 Livinbox
Shop online for only ₱149.75! *FREE shipping available.

One helpful tip to make your study time more at ease is to declutter your study area. When you leave all your mess at bay, you won’t be easily distracted from such. Plus, we become more motivated to study at a clean and mess-free desk. Organize your papers and important documents in a file case so it will not serve as an eyesore in your study table. You won’t have a hard time searching for them too!


11. Avia Memo Cube Neon Sheets

Avia Memo Cube 3X3 400Sheets Neon
Shop online for only ₱29.75! *FREE shipping available.


Never run out of memo pads as you never know what tasks/information you have to remember. Memo pads are a great way of constantly reminding yourself about deadlines and to-dos that you have to see everyday. Pro tip: place your memos in a place where you can easily see them all the time so as not to forget important reminders.


12. Mongol Pencil with Eraser No.2 12’S

Mongol Pencil with Eraser No.2 12'S
Shop online for only ₱84.75! *FREE shipping available.

College entrance tests are in season again. Of course, we want to arrive at the testing centers prepared and self-assured that everything will go fine even with the simplest stuff. Never let a single pencil get in the way of your examinations  given the fact that these exams are under time pressure. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Spare yourselves from such by bringing a dozen of Mongol Pencils No.2. Who knows, your seatmate might just need it too!


13. Best Buy Eraser

Best Buy Eraser #5027-BT-20N
Shop online for only ₱22! *FREE shipping available

Since we are talking about examinations here, erasers can never be excluded from the list. Do not rely merely on the built-in erasers in pencils because you will surely need larger eraser during exams. Invest in a good eraser because it saves you from the hassle of erasing like those of  Best Buy erasers that are mess-free and dust-free too.


14. Sharp Graphing Calculator

Sharp Graphing Calculator El9950
Shop online for only ₱6,198! *FREE shipping available.

If you are a senior high or college student, you know just how much Math subjects you have to deal with. With tons of polynomials,parabolas, and other equations that require graphing, then you really should spend on a very reliable and efficient calculator. We understand how Math problems can be overwhelming as it really is and getting yourself a good graphing calculator might lessen the difficulty otherwise. Sharp Graphing Calculator comes with a display 132X64 Dot Matrix and power source Aaax4(Main) Cr-2032X1(Backup).


15. Highland Backpack Black With Brown

Highland Backpack SN2012 16IN Black With Brown
Shop online for only ₱899! *FREE shipping available.

Your last minute shopping goodies will not be complete without a good and durable bag. Highland Backpacks are known to be the ever reliable school bags that could fit in all your school essentials without looking too bulky. Also, these backpacks are easy to dry during the rainy season.

If you need an extra hand for your last minute back to school shopping, head to our online store! You get the same prices as with our physical store branches + FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE. We also offer Cash on Delivery for your ultimate convenience. Shop now!

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