15 Back-to-School Organization Hacks before the School Year Begins

15 Back-to-School Organization Hacks before the School Year Begins

15 Back-to-School Organization Hacks before the School Year Begins

It’s back to school season once again and we know you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. Prepping up for the coming school year happens yearly; and yet we still see it as a ‘huge’ task. With the time and effort it requires, it helps to have an overview of the things that you need to look forward to when starting another best school year yet. So, here is a crash course of everything you need to remember. Thank us later!

Hack #1: If you haven’t had a major clean up of last school year’s mess, then now’s the time to do that. It’s very important to know how much stuff you will be getting rid off before actually buying new ones. Plus, it instantly reminds you that this year is a fresh new start, thus a fresh and clearer table/drawer.

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Hack #2: After the clean up sesh, we’re sure you will find things that you no longer need but are still good to use. These are the things that are better into someone else’s stash. And by that, we mean garage sale. Having a mini garage sale not only helps you in putting away the things that you won’t be needing; it also gives you a chance to earn money now that school allowance is still nowhere to be found. Whatever amount of money that you’ll be earning from your garage sale must be spent on buying your new supplies.

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Hack #3: Clean up, check. Garage sale, check. Now the next step is to have an inventory of the things that are left in your table. Write down the quantity and estimate how long it will function or be used. Only then you can be able to make your shopping list. But remember to make it practical and realistic rather than listing the things that you want but do not need.

Hack #4: Set a budget for your back to school shopping. It’s advisable to bring extra money just in case, but remember to put it somewhere you cannot oftenly see. Because the tendency is, you feel tempted to spend your extra money because you believe that “extra” money is for extra things too.

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Hack #5: Stick to your shopping list and be strict with your budget. Your shopping list must be your weapon against impulsive buying. Also, strictly comply with your set budget. Do not even try to add things in your  cart that are not necessary thus causing you additional amounts to pay. Remind yourself that you’ll be buying only the things in your inventory and nothing else.

Hack #6: Invest in jars, boxes, and containers. Because you’ll be buying several little stuff of supplies, make sure that it will not in any way cause clutter around your study area. Stack ‘em all in a container that’s easy to find and accessible for you so you won’t have to stand up every now and then.

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Hack #7: It is better to buy your school supplies by bulk rather than by small portions. You won’t have to worry about running out of supplies; thus it saves time and effort. Remember this: buy everything that you need all at one shopping sesh.

Hack #8: Do not miss out on sticky notes as well. It may seem small and ordinary but it plays a the part in your study routine. Sticky notes serves as your quick reminder, mini planner, and instant note-taking buddy. Always make sure to have this in your bag to save you from the hassle whenever you need a scratch paper or to jot down notes quickly.

Hack #9: And, of course, let us not miss out on the highlighters. The more variety, the better. Using different colors of highlighters for different purposes is a great help for your memory retention, especially if you are a visual learner. Just make sure to stick with the color coding like red for important dates, yellow for significant people, green for unfamiliar words, and the like.

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Hack #10: Since you’ll be bringing soooo many stuff everyday for the rest of the school year, be kind to your body by investing in a good bag. It may cost you more than usual, but it supports your back and maintains the balance of your body while running up and down the stairs.

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Hack #11: Hygiene kit is for everyone. It’s something that you would not want to miss on a daily basis. When getting yourself a hygiene kit, always look for a bundle rather than individually packed goodies. Start first with the alcohol, tissue paper, wet wipes, powder, and hand soap. Personal care is key!

Hack #12: Packed lunch for a healthier year! Prepping your own lunch saves you from the long lines at the cafeteria. Plus, a good amount of your allowance can be saved as well! Don’t settle for pricey, oily, fast food meals that only cause you break outs and unwanted fats. Go for the healthier yet cheaper option.

Hack #13: Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Walking under the heat of the sun, rushing through the crowd, running up and down the stairs, these are just some of the tedious activities that you deal with everyday at school. The catch? Keep your body fluid at balance while doing these activities daily. When shopping for your school supplies, don’t forget to buy a durable water bottle that’s large enough to hydrate you for the rest of the day. In this way, you won’t have to buy water from time to time. Plus points for mother earth since most water bottles are made of plastics.

Hack #14: Set up a definite budget and stick to it. Now this is a difficult part for most of us. To help you shop on a budget, set a reasonable exact amount that’s flexible enough in case you may need some additional supplies to buy. But remember, this budget should be for your necessities, not wants or “extras”. It may hurt a little, but at the end of the day, you will be proud of yourself for working within a budget.

Hack #15: Know what to expect. This applies for your back to school shopping sesh or even for the whole school year. Prep yourself for the long lines, sea of people coming through, push carts always nowhere to be found, and all the hassle and exhaustion it could cost you. But if you want to run conveniently, simply order online from National Book Store! We have same-store prices + FREE delivery + Cash on Delivery options!

Back to school with NBS

For the whole year, expect your struggles to be stronger as your year level also gets higher. There would be more sleepless nights, longer days than nights, fastest deadlines, difficult exams, and the like. But once you get the hang of it all, you’ll be nothing but proud of yourself for getting yourself through and through.

How does back to school season make you feel? We want to hear from you! Talk with us at the comments section!

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