12 Ways to Destress After Exam Season


12 Ways to Destress After Exam Season

Exam season is what most students dread about. It’s the so-called “hell week” for it allows little to no sleep, no hangouts, lesser time on the net and the list goes on. Exam season really costs us a lot of energy.  So it’s very important to destress after a grueling examination period. The list below helps you one to finally destress and replace your stress with happy hormones instead!


Grab your comfort food

Nothing ever beats the happiness brought about by our comfort food. After all, it is there for a reason. After dealing with various formulas and concepts, you deserve that chocolate ice cream and mango cake you’ve been wanting for weeks. Eating your comfort food after your exams makes a celebration for surviving hell week.


Catch up on your favorite TV series

As they say, it’s never chill ‘till it’s “Netflix and Chill”. We know you’ve been really looking forward to catching the episodes that you have missed since you spent most of your time with your notes instead of laptop screens. After exams, this is the perfect time to binge watch without the guilt!


Hang out with your friends

During exams week, you get to talk with your friends but only for a limited time. Plus, the ones you’re talking about were all about pointers, how to do this, how to do that, what to study, etc. Take it easy! Now that you’re done with it, you can easily call up your friends to hang out with unlimited chitchats! Plan the next barkada getaway or house party now that exams are over. Now this is exciting!


Forget about school; but only for a while! (hihi)

Yes, school surely is tiring. But you don’t have to force yourself too much because a little break does no harm. Forget about school for a while as you visit different nearby places – check the newest ice cream store, or splurge for the latest titles (check out our best sellers section!). Because not taking a break and forcing yourself too much will only demotivate you. So unwind for a little while.


Read your favorite books

As mentioned earlier, this is the perfect chance to grab your favorite books now that exams are over. Bookworms really do read the thick line between reading school textbooks versus reading your most loved novels. You can read as much as you want (but do not forget to rest your eyes) without worrying about mathematical equations at the back of your mind.


Do painting

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Studies have proven that painting is one of the ways where you can express and release tension, stress, anxiety and such by using different shades of colors and manner of executing your brush strokes. Painting might be the answer to finally get rid of unwanted thoughts thus promote self-expression.


Try the art of origami

Paper artworks are the best staple decorations that could instantly add a glow to your small desk or wall. They are not just simple and easy to make; it also quickly puts you in a lighter mood especially when you see the results after folding such paper!


Practice calligraphy writing

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When you are more into writing, then this one’s for you. Calligraphy never loses its charm in the hearts of artsy millennials; especially when we talk about it’s aesthetic uniqueness. Adding art into your writing definitely upgrades your creativity skills and will come in handy. Plus, calligraphy can work wonders on almost everything.You can use it as a  display in your room, it as a card, bookmark, frame, and much more!


Have a room makeover

Now that your exams are over, you may want to clean up your room by segregating what to dispose and what to recycle. This is also the time to reinvent your room by making it more spacious and refreshing. Add more bright colors and statements such as the paper flowers. Watch this video tutorial on HGTV on how to make pretty dahlias as your room decor:



Check out the latest trend of adult coloring books

Coloring books for adults have become so popular in the market. Well, we can’t blame them because adult coloring books are proven to help us regain peace of mind, relaxation, and ease. This is acquired through repetitive pattern designs such as Mandala and Floral patterns. Plus, it serves as a stimulus that satisfies our art desires.


Have a picnic with your family

Since you have been spending the previous weeks reviewing for your exams, how about doing some catch up this weekend? Invite the whole fambam to a late afternoon picnic and kite flying, so as to make up for the lost times when you lock yourself in the room with just you and your lectures. Not only does it connect you with your family, but also with nature and gives you a breath of fresh air!


Catch some sleep

This is by far the most ideal and practical thing to do right after exams. We know you’ve been sleepless for how many nights, you have had sacrificed your rest and sleep, and at Friday night, you’ve been thinking about nothing but to catch some restful night after all. This is the perfect chance to recharge and reward yourself with a sound sleep after a tough week.

There are a hundred and one ways on how you reward yourself after going through such difficult examinations. But, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for surviving such tough week! How do you destress yourself after your ‘hell week’? We would like to hear from you! Share us your thoughts in the comments section and subscribe to our newsletter below.


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