10 Ways to Say Thank You: Graduation Edition

10 Ways to Say Thank You_ Graduation Edition

10 Ways to Say Thank You_ Graduation Edition

How to Say Thank You this Graduation Season

Graduation season is just right around the corner and graduating students all over the country are getting busy with completing their requirements! Add to the stress the expectation of expressing gratitude to teachers, friends, and family after graduation. We know how you feel so we’re here to help you out! Here are 10 ways on how to say thank you:

#1 Good ‘ol gift giving

The classic way to say thank you is of course through material things. If you’re kind of stuck with what might be a great present for your loved ones, check the gift guide below to give you an idea on what a meaningful gift may be. This works well with a heartfelt gift card too!

  • For your favorite teacher or professor, you want to get him/her something that he/she can use in his/her job. As a starter, this floral Kate Spade sticky note fits for that organized prof of yours. Also, this elegant fountain pen would be a huge help for signing official documents and other teacher stuff they need to do. Or, if you’re opting to help your teacher enhance his/her knowledge, this book on Principles of Teaching can do the trick.
Kate Spade Sticky Note
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Sheaffer Fountain Pen
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  • For the ever-understanding mom, try getting her this bag organizer or this travel-friendly toiletry storage so she won’t have to rummage around her large mom bag wherever she goes. She’ll thank you, we promise!
Lapoche Packing Cube
Shop online for ₱1,399! *FREE shipping nationwide.
  • For your dad who likes travelling a lot or driving around the country, get him this shoe bag so the car won’t get dirty when he gets in. Dads can get really meticulous when it comes to cars, aren’t they?
Lapoche Shoe Bag
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  • For your amigos and amigas who helped you get through the journey, simply give them what they’re really fond of like books or things that could help them get started on adulting. For instance, a durable and slim power bank that they can bring along all the day.
Thecoopidea Powerbank
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These are just some ideas so if you have anything else in mind, go for it! We’re sure they’ll love it.

#2 Travel

Whether it’s with your friends or batchmates or parents or siblings or relatives, or even yourself if they’ve all been reminding you to treat yourself out, travel seems to be the go-to way graduates do to give thanks. Plan the itinerary ahead, buy (discounted) tickets, and let them know that this is you just appreciating their help. Wherever the destination may be, local or abroad, just make sure you guys can bond and have fun!

#3 Date with the folks – your treat!

Some people would rather spend time with loved ones than go all out on gifts. If you’re one of these people, thank your parents by taking them out on a date (individually or otherwise) and do things together that you both of you will enjoy. Bonus tip: Plus points if you can get them a promo for things they don’t normally get like a massage or a spa!

#4 Do an extraordinary thing for them (without expecting anything in return!)

It can be as simple as surprising the parents with a breakfast in bed or do them the sibs a favor (such as running errands while you’re still looking for a job or waiting for the next school year), but really, what’s important is doing something for them that you don’t usually do! After all, they don’t usually do the things you made them do before you graduated.

#5 Throw an intimate graduation celebration

There are a lot of restaurants out there with affordable party packages you can choose from and hold an intimate celebration with your close friends and a few relatives. Or if you want your own style with your own taste, you can organize one yourself and check out the web for party ideas. Remember to create a programme ahead and don’t forget to make a thank you speech!

#6 Include them in your obligatory-social-media-thank-you-essay (or not?)

We all saw it: fresh graduates everywhere changing their Facebook profile pictures with their grad pics and lengthy essays that are so extra sometimes people just scroll past them! Well, if you wanna differ and yet still express your gratitude, why not create a short montage or clip or profile video mentioning people you want to thank? It’s unique and fun and a perfect avenue for creative expression! Go extra!

#7 Pass it forward

If you have a sib or a cousin that still goes to school, one way to thank your parents or whoever helped you graduate is to pass the same favor by helping them send your sib or cousin to school. It may not be in monetary forms but a little help in school works among other things goes a long way!

If it’s a teacher, what better way to thank him/her than to live out what he/she taught you and pass it to others? You don’t have to be a teacher too, just be you!

#8 Commit something

If you can, try to commit something valuable for you to that person you want to thank. You can commit to your folks at least 10% of your monthly pay if you wish or you can devote time in helping out in the family business or charity work a relative supports. Really, just let them know that they can count on you the way you’ve counted on them. (Aww!)

#9 A mushy something

Are you creative and has a passion for things ~aesthetic~? Channel your inner artist by either making a digital artwork like a thanksgiving video or a collage. You can also do this by making something cheesy like a scrapbook or a painting or a portrait of him/her! Check out our arts & crafts section for tools you might need.

#10 Be there

Ask them if they have anything they want to pray for or needs help for praying and let them know that you’re praying for them. If they have problems and they need or want someone to simply listen to them, be there. Remember, they were there for you too through the ups and downs!

Graduation Highlights

Make sure to check out our site for more thanksgiving ideas! Congratulations in advance!


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