10 Ways to Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018

10 Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in 2018
10 Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in 2018

10 Ways to Achieve your New Year's Resolutions in 2018

A New Year has finally arrived and the traditional New Year’s Resolution-making is on the move! But you see, most of us end up ditching our NY Resolution by February because, hey, it’s too difficult or we forget all about them. Let’s make a change this year and achieve our New Year’s Resolutions 2018! Here some effective ways to do so:


#1 Use a good ol’ planner

Nothing beats the classic pen-and-planner duo when it comes to keeping track of your progress! Be it your regular gym sessions or your weekly bonding with your pet, a compact and easy-to-use planner is what you need to remind you of your goals. Check out this amazing Gold planner by Heidi and start scribbling down your #LifeGoals this year!

Heidi Swapp Gold Planner
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#2 Create a realistic schedule or timetable – and stick to it!

Achieving New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t happen overnight. You gotta work on it! Formulate a timetable to achieve your resolution. Every month of the year should have a specific goal so you can monitor your progress. Make sure it’s realistic (not too demanding or difficult to achieve) and display it on a spot you get to see every day. You can write it down using these cheery, colorful gel pens on a durable and thick paper so it can last the whole year round.

International Arrivals Gel Pens
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Bonus tip 1: Make your timetable look appealing and motivating by designing it however you want!

Bonus tip 2: Got an ugly spot or peeled-off paint on your wall? Cover it using your timetable!


#3 Declutter

Decluttering helps you focus by eliminating things that can distract you from your goals! This can mean literally or figuratively so here’s a tip: Declutter your everyday life with the unnecessary things (or people – but do so kindly!) like the superhero syndrome then proceed to clean out your closets, shelves, and desks. For your desk, use this reliable desk organizer to help you sort through your stuff.

Desk Organizer
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#4 Find mentors and support group

Having mentors who had the same goals as yourself and managed to achieve them will help you get through “I-wanna-quit” episodes. Seek their advice and listen very carefully. Take down notes if you must.

Support groups such as your family and closest friends will aid in reminding you of your goals and why you’re striving hard to achieve them. Let them know about your plans and try to be open to them. They’ll be very much happy to support you!

Strengths Finder 2.0
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If, however, you’re having a difficult time finding mentors and building support groups, you can, for the meantime, read Strengths Finder 2.0 to help you uncover your strengths and hone them according to your goals!


#5 A Consequence System

Achievement of goals entails a reward; but seldom do we hear people having to serve consequences for shortcomings. This 2018, why not implement a consequence system for yourself when you catch yourself not doing your New Year’s Resolution? For instance, if your New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym every Saturday afternoon, and you missed one because you forgot, you can drop a 20-peso-bill to a piggy bank or add another set of exercise on your next gym visit! You can also do something that you don’t usually do and is out of your comfort zone so you’ll have to stick to your goals and begin again!

A word of caution: Make sure your reason for missing or not doing is a valid one (e.g. sick, emergencies, death, work overtime, etc.).


#6 Effective Time Management

Ditch the old habit of waking up late in the morning and staying up late all night (unless your work demands it)! Too much time wasted leads to zero productivity and increased tendency to cram everything. And we all know it: crammed work = poor quality. So get that body and mind going by scheduling your tasks for the day and making sure you have ample time to eat and rest in between. Discipline yourself to stick to it!


#7 Keep a journal

You don’t have to write on it every day; just when awesome things happen! Take for example refraining to shout or raise your voice in a heated argument in the workplace as your resolution. One day, you got into an argument with a colleague and you were so tempted to shout at him, but you didn’t because you managed to have your brain wired to not shout. That’s progress! Write down even the smallest things on this fun and wacky journal and congratulate yourself for a job well done. It’ll help you strive to keep going!

Wreck This Journal: Now in Color
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#8 Attend personal development seminars

These seminars (that are now all over the place) will help you discover yourself and your self-limiting behaviors that hinder you from becoming who you truly are! Many organizations have programs that’ll encourage you to heighten your self-awareness and embrace your passion.

Here’s some inspiration for you to help you pursue your passions in life!


#9 Look for other resources other than your mentors

Mentors are primarily for accountability purposes. That means whatever you do towards the achievement of your goals is heavily influenced by them. So if you fail, the burden’s heavier on them than on you. So to prevent that from happening, try searching through the web for books, ebooks, videos, articles, and other materials to help you! There are thousands and thousands out there – you need only to click!


#10 The power of NOW

Get rid of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “Just five more minutes” lines in your language and ask yourself: What are the things to do tomorrow that I can do today? Procrastination just won’t work, buddy. Time to get moving and finally (perhaps for the first time ever) achieve your New Year’s Resolution!


And there you have it! We hope these ways help you in achieving your goals this 2018. Happy New Year!

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