10 Typhoon-Ready Items You Can’t Live Without


With the weather forecast and advisories in the news, we can totally say that the typhoon season is here! So before the weather starts to get worse, get your family typhoon-ready with these 10 go-bag items!

Bonus Tip: To store your items, of course you would need a bag that is three things all at once: huge storage capacity, easy to grab, and can endure calamities like flooding and landslides that come with typhoon!

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Emergency and Survival Basics

#1 Food and Drinks

As much as possible, store up food that are easy-to-open and requires minimal cooking. The first thing that comes to mind are of course the ever-reliable canned goods but health-wise, we suggest eating carbs (like rice and bread) that will keep you up and about! Check this recipe book for ideas on how to cook rice in different ways!

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For drinks, it is highly recommended to prepare clean drinking water with 1 gallon per person. If you’re thinking of other drinks, try coffee or tea or carbonated drinks to keep you awake and alert for weather advisories!

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#2 First Aid Kit

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This gotta be one of the important ones to keep you safe in case medical attention is out of reach! Get one of this first aid pack and add the following items: band-aids, gauze, tweezers, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, cold compress, antiseptic wipes, bandage scissors, cotton, and absorbent dressings.


#3 Medicine

Again, in case someone feels odd and going to the pharmacy is not feasible, store up medicines for common illnesses like cough, colds, fever, nausea, diarrhea, hypertension, inhalers (and other asthma medicines), anti-allergies, and other maintenance medicines you might have. You’ll never know when viruses and bacteria will attack you!


#4 Sanitation Kit and Toiletries

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You’re gonna need to be clean to avoid infection during a typhoon! So in times of desperation and grocery shops aren’t open, it is wise to invest in this Clean & Go kit for each member of the family! Just add some items like shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and some other toiletries you might need!


#5 Fresh Batteries

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Reserve ahead fresh batteries of different sizes for your radios and emergency lights (but make sure they are fully-charged too!). According to experts, the best batteries are that of lithium or advanced lithium because they have longer shelf life! Keep a power bank as well for your mobile phones!


#6 Radio and Mobile Phones

To keep up with the latest weather updates and advisories even without typhoon footages or documentaries, keep a radio close and tune in to news stations! Remember, radios should be portable, battery-operated, and has good AM reception.

To keep updated on your relatives and friends, on the other hand, use your mobile phone but keep in mind to use it only when necessary to save battery. Make sure you have enough mobile credit/load so you won’t be cut off!


#7 Blankets, Towels, and Pillows

If you ever caught yourself up in a safe place where you need to sleep, all these would come in handy! Keep them in a garbage bag or any plastic to keep them from getting wet!


#8 Jackets, Raincoats, Socks, and Clothes

All these are basically needed to keep you warm and dry! Choose clothes that are light or bright-colored so you can be easily seen but is sure to keep you from freezing. Store up extra underwear too!


#9 Emergency Lights/Flashlights

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If the power is out and it is night time already, open up your emergency lights and flashlights! Get one of this LED flashlight made of stainless steel! It also comes with a whistle just in case you need to be rescued!


#10 Cash and Identification Cards

Keep a waterproof wallet where you can put in enough cash to get you through the storm and your IDs if ever you need to be identified by a rescuer or medic! Make sure you put this wallet in a safe place in your bag! Have everybody do this!

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There you go! Hope we helped you prepare for the typhoon season with these typhoon-ready items! To get the full list of our Typhoon Survival Guide, visit our emergency and survival online section.

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