10 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Beauty and the Beast

10 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Beauty and the Beast
10 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Beauty and the Beast

10 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Beauty and the Beast

There is something in Disney that makes us feel beyond magical. Throughout the years, Disney movies have been a cornerstone of our childhood and Beauty and the Beast is no exception at all. It has its own mystical way of always making us wanting for more and with that, we’ve rounded up 10 reasons on why we can never have enough of Disney’s latest for the big screen: Beauty and the Beast.


1) Fun Characters

We definitely love these guys. They are charming, troublesome at times, warm, friendly- and simply just great side characters! This book entitled, Disney World of Reading: Beauty and the Beast is our favorite when it comes to character development. They never left the side of Beast even though there is no guarantee that he can make Belle love him to remove the spell.

Disney World of Reading: Beauty and the Beast

Disney World of Reading: Beauty and the Beast, Special Price ₱413.25

2) Brave and beautiful Belle

Almost everyone agrees that Belle is the perfect Disney princess; her aspirations and dreams are admirable and relatable. She is a worker, a dreamer, and bit of a realist. This book never fails to show the side of Belle as someone who takes the time to fall in love with the Beast and this definitely makes her a perfect role model for today’s generation.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Library

Related: Check out Belle’s Library –  a unique literary journal with inspiring quotes from some of Belle’s favorite books, as well as her insightful notes and colorful drawings.

3) Values

One good thing about this book is how women empowerment is encouraged to the young ones. Belle lives in a small town full of people with small-town values: They have the same routine, the same congenial idea of what happens every day, how things should be, where everyone fits in their society, they likely eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and they are all just fine with that. Belle, however, doesn’t “fit in” because she has ideas of not just wanting more – but wanting something better for herself than what her town deems acceptable. Besides, Belle accomplished what she was looking for – that happiness in something bigger than herself that she actually deserved, and found.


4) Beast’s transformation

What really drives us into putting our hearts into this book is the ability to be dynamic especially in terms of character. Throughout the story, we have witnessed how the Beast transforms into a good one.He constantly worked at it and let natural emotions take place over the course of time as their relationship starts to take off. Eventually, the Beast began to take interest in Belle which leads into his transformation as a person overall.


5) Old and young 

Given the fact that this book is originally written for kids, the story takes itself seriously. It does not ponder and appeal solely to kids, but it also balances significant and strong messages very well. It affords children universal values in a format that is enjoyable, entertaining, understandable, and highly memorable. Hence, this movie is something that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


6) Adventure

Beauty and the Beast Novelization

Beauty and the Beast Novelization, Special Price ₱490.50

If you are more into young adult books, then this second book by Hachette Book Group USA – Beauty and the Beast Novelization is totally a must have. Not only it depicts the romance between Belle and the Beast but it also shows the adventurous side of this gem of a Disney princess. Belle longs for so much more than a normal life in a small, provincial town where girls do not aspire beyond marrying well. Indeed, adventure is the first thing on her mind when she rides her horse, Philippe,into the forest to find her beloved father who is missing.


7) Family

The value of family was also evident in the book. Belle, being known for her bravery and optimism, had fiercely faced all the sacrifices and risks just to find his missing father. This includes the danger in dealing with the Beast and even being imprisoned. But for the love of family, never had she been discouraged just because of the mishaps that came along the way.


8) Feminism and inner beauty

Belle is the epitome of a woman with grace under pressure. She has gained a significant amount of intelligence over the years due to her love of books, which have provided her with an elevated vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind. She is very confident and outspoken in her opinions and seldom likes being told what to do. In this young adult book, it depicted how Belle is not at all concerned about her or other’s appearances and is able to look past how people appear and into their hearts. This is how Belle managed to break the Beast’s enchantment and restore love and laughter in the castle.


9) Genuine love

The reason beauty and the beast is our favorite Disney movie is because as unrealistic as it may be, it actually is the most realistic one when it comes to portraying the meaning of true love. Who does not feel flattered every time we see the Beast being kind and vulnerable? This is all because of Belle’s unconditional love and acceptance despite the Beast’s imperfections and cold heart. It all makes sense as it teaches us the meaning of genuine love by conquering and embracing all that it takes.


10) Certified classic

Indeed, it is a tale as old as time. It appeals to the generation of today and even in the future generations to come. One thing about Beauty and the Beast is that it never fails to give us nostalgic feelings as we reminisce our childhood love within us. The lessons we learn in this book will never go out of style and will definitely leave a special mark in our hearts.


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