10 Hot Items to Make You Summer-Ready!

10 Hot Items to Make You Summer-Ready!

10 Hot Items to Make You Summer-Ready!

10 Must-Have Hot Summer Items to Get You Ready for the Beach Season!

The summer heat is on again and who wouldn’t want to miss the summer breeze?  But before you hit the sand and feel the splash of the beach waves, make sure you tick these must-haves off your checklist first!


#1 – Iwata White USB Portable, Rechargeable Fan

Iwata Usb Fan
Shop online for only ₱385! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Summer heat is not always about chilling over your favorite ice cream, dipping in the pool to your heart’s content, and enjoying the sound of the waves. Sometimes, it could make you sweaty, irritable and exhausted. Beat the unbearable summer heat with this overly cute and handy USB fan that’s rechargeable, multi-functional, and has a 3 fan speed. The fan includes an LED light and a USB charging cable. PLUUUSSS, there are five colors to choose from!


#2 – Lapoche Travel Toiletry Organizer

Lapoche Travel Toiletry Organizer
Shop online for ₱1,099. *FREE shipping nationwide.

Now that it’s summer, skin care is a MUST. Getting out of the town is no excuse for ditching your skin care routine especially now that your face becomes extra oily due to so much sweat. Make this organizer your newest travel buddy where you can put all your personal essentials. It’s spacious and you’ll be surprised how much stuff you could actually put in!


#3 – Budget Bundle Grooming Kit

Budget Bundle Grooming Kit
Shop online for only ₱145! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Your hygiene kit does not end within your travel pouch only. Of course, it has to be at maximum convenience everytime you travel. This Budget Bundle Grooming Kit is the answer for that. It includes:

  • Hand Gel
  • Bar Soap
  • Wet Wipes 10s
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Pocket Tissue
  • Comb
  • Towel


#4 – Bando Tumbler: You Are Gold Sip Sip With Straw

Bando Tumbler
Shop online for ₱1,499. *FREE shipping nationwide.

Keep yourself hydrated especially during summer where sweat is your number one enemy. Drinking water more often will increase your metabolism and improve your skin condition. Once the heat season begins, make sure you always have enough liquid in your body by bringing a tumbler that you can always sip on.


#5 – Color Chart Luggage Tag Made from Recycled Leather

Color Chart Luggage Tag
Shop online for only ₱299! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Avoid having to visit the lost and found section during travel season! Of course you wouldn’t want to get a stranger’s luggage or misplace your own. Get a unique luggage tag that’s easy to distinguish from others and will make your luggage easily found when it gets lost. Have we mentioned that this tag is also environment-friendly because it’s made from recycled leather? Go for it!


#6 – Lapoche Luggage Organizer

Lapoche Luggage Organizer
Shop online for ₱999! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Speaking of luggages, it is not always easy to travel lightly especially when you’re the type of traveler who likes to bring along so many stuff. There’s no problem with that! The key is to organize smartly. Use an organizer to divide the things inside your luggage. Separate clothes for a specific day, or accessory for a particular occasion.


#7 – Lapoche Shoe Bag

Lapoche Shoe Bag
Shop online for only ₱899. *FREE shipping nationwide.

And of course, you would not want to mix your shoes in the same organizer as your clothes’. This shoe bag can fit up to two pairs of shoes and features a mesh front panel for easy identification of its contents; sparing your from the hassle of picking up the wrong bag or organizer.


#8 – Bando Casual Bag

Bando Casual Bag
Shop online for ₱2,999. *FREE shipping nationwide.

When you stroll at the beach, having an overly cute statement bag is always a best idea. This summer-inspired casual bag is perfect for casual beach strolling that requires you to bring sunblock, shades, purse, or any other essentials that you need.


#9 – Lonely Planet Best Ever Travel Tips: The Best Travel Secrets Advice From The Experts

Lonely Planet Best Ever Travel Tips The Best Travel Secrets Advice From The Experts
Shop online for only ₱565! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Summer must-haves aren’t always about bring-along stuff. Sometimes, books also do matter. You don’t want to go travelling blindly in a very rich and abundant destination, right? Maximize your travel by learning the best travel tips from the experts. This illustrated and fully updated edition of Lonely Planet’s pocket-sized bestseller contains our best-ever tips, tricks and trade secrets for stress-free travelling, all brought to life and made easy to understand with stylish, witty illustrations.

Find out where the best seats are on a plane, how to avoid bug bites and which essential gadgets you should never leave home without. Featuring contributions from a range of travel writers, industry experts and staff, this book contains the ultimate iRead secrets for travellers and ensures you stay safe and happy on the road.


#10 – The Pop-up Gym: How To Keep Fit Wherever You Are

The Pop-up Gym: How To Keep Fit Wherever You Are
Shop online for only ₱295! *FREE shipping nationwide.

And last but definitely not the least, what’s summer without your summer bod? Bring out that bikini you’ve been wanting to wear by preparing for it ahead of time. And it’s never too early to do that now! This book will teach you on how to stay fit inside and outside of the gym. The best-selling author Jon Denoris also tells in his book that fitness is not seasonal, it is a lifestyle. Now that’s enough reason to make an active lifestyle starting this summer!

What are your travel hacks and summer essentials that you swear by? Tell us in the comments!

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