10 Hacks for Stress-Free Back-to-School Shopping

10 Hacks for Stress-Free Back-to-School Shopping

10 Hacks for Stress-Free Back-to-School Shopping

Hey, mommy! What’s your schedule like these days? Just after securing summer classes for the kids, most moms are back in the drawing board planning for back-to-school shopping. If you’re a mother of 3 school kids, you probably own a back-to-school bible already. However, for first-time moms with kids about to enter school – some proven back-to-school shopping hacks won’t hurt!

Don’t be overwhelmed with enrollment season. Be armed with the right tools and tricks to conquer the task. Check out these 10 hacks from experienced moms with school kids for a stress-free back-to-school shopping experience!



Hack #1: Recycle old supplies that are still usable

Save some for the environment (and for your pocket, too!). Recycling and reusing old stuff is a good idea especially when you follow the same list year after year. Mommy Lovelly, a mom to an elementary pupil, suggests to do an inventory of your supplies on hand and see which ones you can recycle. Unused art papers, envelopes, leftover poster paint, and a sturdy pencil case are just some of the school items you can cross off your list. Mother earth will be very proud of you!


Hack #2: Stick to a budget

Just like any shopping task, sticking to a budget is a must. Do not overshop! – says Mommy Ynna. It not only saves you money, but it teaches your child to be conscious of excess. Learning the values of simplicity and prudence by choosing only the essentials is an important life lesson. They don’t necessarily need to have the most expensive paper supplies, for example.


Hack #3: Group items in your list, and keep it for next school year!

To maximize your time while going around the aisle, plan ahead by grouping school supply items in your list. No need to go around in circles when you hit the NBS shelves.


PRO TIP: Type in your list in a spreadsheet that can be retrieved and referenced next school year. All you need to do is print it out before shopping.


Hack #4: Either buy a month before or after school opens

90% of our surveyed moms tell us to shop a month before school opens. The earlier, the better – which makes sense to avoid going crazy. However, there’s also wisdom in waiting for the official school year to open – and then just shop say after the first or second day of classes. There will be less crowd to contend with, plus stocks will mostly be refilled around that time.

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Hack #5: 10 am weekday shopping, at a branch you’re familiar with

Greet manong guard good morning as you come in early for back to school shopping! It’s always best to be there before the mall opens on a weekday. Ideally, choose a branch you’re familiar with so you won’t get caught going in circles, clueless what each aisle carries.


Hack #6: Buy supplies throughout the year

Mommy Bits, who has a Pre-K daughter says she buys school supplies throughout the year. Aside from the cash savings, it also shortens your list and shopping time. Shopping for supplies even if it’s not back-to-school season helps you pick the best options. No rush.

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shop per grade level ultimate checklist


Hack #7: Select items that you can buy in bulk

Stock on boxes of pencils or ream of bond paper so you won’t have to buy one or two pieces multiple times throughout the school year. Just make sure they’re kept in a place out of children’s reach, unless you want them to use up the pencils and paper before school even starts. This is the advice given to us by mommy Michelle of www.hitsandmrsph.com. Also, take advantage of buy 1 , take 1 promos from BEST BUY especially for commonly used materials as mentioned above.


Hack #8: Bring extra eco bags

Mommy Joey of joeydragonlady.com advises to bring extra eco bags. Eco bags normally cost P10 each. Imagine the savings you’ll get if you bring your own. Go for your largest and sturdiest eco bags so you’re hassle-free when shopping in bulk.


Hack #9: Bring your kids

Back to school shopping can be a special bonding experience between mom and kid. Mommy Reah shares that she brings her son to shopping, “Make shopping fun. It’s a great way to bond with your kids. Have them choose the design or colors they want. This can make them more excited for school.

On the other hand, mommy Almiar of www.thecuriousmom.com advises to shop alone. We think this is best practised when you’re doing last minute shopping and you don’t wish to add to the crowd in the store. It also makes your purchase experience done faster.


Hack 10: Buy bundled items to save on cost

Mommy Emiliana of millette.sison.me likes buying bundled school supplies. National Book Store offers bundled items – like pad paper, notebooks, crayons, pencils packed in one plastic envelope. It helps you complete your shopping list faster while saving on cost. Instead of buying the items individually, you can pick from available bundles which are cheaper.


Last but not the least, try online back-to-school shopping! No crowd, no lines, no stress, more time to compare brands and pick better options. Not only that, National Book Store is offering exclusive discounts for online shoppers, plus FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE! No other school supplies store can give you this. So mommies, let’s do this! #BackToSchoolGoals.

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